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The results of the election saw Scott Morrison reach 76 seats to win majority government – Australia Votes – Federal Election 2019 – Politics t



May 21, 2019 23:28:56

The ABC election computer has awarded majority government to Prime Minister Scott Morrison of 76 seats, with four seats still uncertain.

Key points:

  • Liberal candidate Gladys Liu won the seat of Melish Sisholm
  • This takes Morrison's Government to 76 seats and a majority government
  • Four seats are still suspicious

It is anticipated that the Coalition will win 78 seats in the House of Representatives – the result that successive opinion polls and political commentators did not predict.

The Sisholm seat in eastern Melbourne presented the last seat the Coalition needed, with Liberal candidate Gladys Liu, winning despite a small swing to the Labor Party.

This seat became vacant when Julia Banks surrendered the Liberal Party after last year's leadership leak to compete in Health Minister Flinders' seat as Independent.

The arrival of a majority government – 76 seats out of 150 – means that the Coalition will not have to rely on independent MPs to pass controversial legislation as long as there are no MPs crossing the floor.

The Coalition had served as a minority government since November, after Ms Banks gave the party the best and after former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull resigned to be replaced by independent MP Kerryn Phelps.

Bass, Cowan, Lilley and Macquarie seats remain suspicious according to ABC's election computer.

The West Australian Cowan seat is held by Ann Aly Labor Party, which, from 10:55 pm (AEST) to count 50.5 percent of the choice.

In Tasmania Bass's seat, Labor MP Ross Hart is dragging Liberal candidate Bridget Archer, who has had a 5.8 per cent change towards her.

In the seat of Macquarie, the Liberal candidate, Sarah Richards, was the main holder of the Labor Party Susan Templeman by 151 votes at 10:55 pm (AEST).


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