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The identity of Informant 3838 is disclosed after the Victoria Police and the informant have lost an application to suspend


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February 21, 2019 22:10:39

Victoria Police has lost its most recent application to prevent the identity of 3838 Informant, the lawyer whose role as police informant at the height of the Melbourne gangland war has provoked a royal commission.

Key points:

  • Victoria Police have been struggling to keep the identity of a 3838 Informant to stop
  • Today, the Court of Appeal rejected the Victoria Police attempt to maintain the ban on its identity
  • Police and Informant 3838 have until Friday to present appeals in the High Court

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, Graham Ashton and lawyer in the middle of the legal scandal had applied to the Court of Appeal to prevent the disclosure of the name of the previous barrister.

However, the new Royal Commission argued in the Force Police Management in the court that the identity of the informant, also known as Lawyer X, should be disclosed.

The Commonwealth Public Prosecution Department, along with the Victoria Public Prosecutions Office, also left the application to stop its identity.

This is the latest attempt by Victoria Police to prevent the lawyer's identity, already known in legal and criminal courts, from being made public.

Victoria Police spent at least $ 4.52 million on legal battles to keep the identity of 3838 Informer being blocked because of fears she and her family would "be murdered."

But the Court of Appeal today announced that the latest applications should be rejected by the police and 3838 Informer to stop its identity being made public.

The identity was stopped to prevent the identity of Informer 3838 until next Friday to allow time for the Victoria and Informer Police 3838 to submit a High Court appeal.

Due to a hearing today taking place in a closed court, the reasons for dismissing attempts to extend a prohibition order were not published.

Convictions are at risk

The 3838 Informant represented some of Victoria's most serious gangland offenders, including Carl Williams, drug manager Tony Mokbel and Mokbel's drug associate trader, Rob Karam.

Over several years, he gave Victoria Victoria information to his clients, in an arrangement previously described by the High Court as "re-interpreted".

The Office of Public Prosecutions last year wrote to 20 convicted offenders, including the drug manager Tony Mokbel, to report on the role of the lawyer as a police informant in their cases, believing that those people could move to get their convictions.

Last year's Court of Appeal found that the risks of prosecutors notify criminals of unknown actions are outweighed by "the public interest in the right to a fair test with the help of independent legal advice".

The royal commission debates began to use Informer 3838 and Victoria Police managers from police notices more widely.

Her chairman, Margaret McMurdo, said in her opening address that the commission's legal team had been "address existing prevention and publication orders to ensure that the commission has access to all relevant materials".




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