Sunday , February 28 2021

Sydney Flooding: Extreme storm weather to cause traffic, train delays

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Sydneysiders are warned to avoid traveling whenever possible this afternoon, with the expectation of the waters to deteriorate further as the night and night commuting methods.

There are currently a number of roads closed across Sydney and it is anticipated that public transport will be delays during peak hours.

Trains have given the best to run between Gordon and Hornsby on the T1 North Shore train line due to a tree falling into overhead wires between Pymble and Turramurra, and new buses run on this route.

A ferry between Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park has also been canceled because the weir is overflowed and replaced by buses.

The mid-Dulwich Hill light line, which has closed for most of the day due to flooding in a number of locations, has now reopened.


Transport authorities have encouraged commuters to continue to monitor the social media social media accounts because, despite the rainfall, there is a very lively situation.

Travelers traveling on T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line, T2 Inner West and Leppington Line, T3 Bankstown Line and T8 Airport & South Line should expect delays.

Traffic lights are blurred and yellow flashing in a number of suburbs across Sydney that contribute to traffic delays on the road system.

Some roads have reopened this afternoon after the rain this morning flooding – and in some cases, landslides – but many remain closed.

The Meteorology Office told Sydney commuters to expect the rain to intensify again this afternoon as the low pressure system over the city moves towards the coast across the center of Sydney.

media_cameraCouncil workers clear a drain on Terrace Terrace in Lewisham this morning. Photo: AAP

Zhi-weng Chua's Duty preposteror said the weather would only start clearing tomorrow morning.

"It will start to pull back (the afternoons) when the low moves towards the coast is currently internal and moving towards the coast."

Speaker of the SES, SES, Phil Schafer, warned people who need to do a school run or afternoon commuting too through flooding as rain increases.

"So far 13 floods reduce where they drive through flooding, putting their lives at risk," he said.

media_cameraA commuter is battling with heavy rain and umbrella umbrella in the Quay this morning's Newsletter. Photo: Dylan Robinson

"Parents on school run: do not drive through a flood and keep clear of storm drainage."

The SES has received 860 calls for help, including those where trees have fallen into cars and homes.

Traffic Commander and NSW Highways, Michael Corboy, said the conditions would deteriorate further over the afternoon, and would encourage Sydneysiders to avoid travel.

"If you're staying at home today, stay at home for the rest of the day, but do not go out this afternoon, because it is anticipated that it will come back and get worse this afternoon" said Mr Corboy.

media_cameraFlooding in Alexandria this morning.


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media_cameraSydney catches low in the sun. Photo: John Grainger


BERKSHIRE PARK: Stony Creek Rd / St Marys Rd closed between Stanley St and Richmond Rd.

COAST CASTLE: All lanes to the north of East Valley Road have reopened, as crews continue to clear down fallen trees and wires above. All lanes towards the south are still closed between Ffinary St and Deepwater Rd. Motorcyclists around the south are diverted to the Border Boundary, and can then use Babbage Rd, Penshurst St and Victoria Ave.

ROZELLE: One of five lanes to the east of the Crescent is closed approaching James Craig Rd due to flooding. Warning exercise

NORTH NARRABEEN: East East Lane Wakehurst Parkway is just a little past Elanora Rd.

OXFORD WAYS: Oxford Falls Rd is closed between Wakehurst Parkway and Avoona Rd due to flooding.

ANNANGROVE: Blue Gum Rd is closed in both directions at Blue Gum Creek.

MARALYA: McClymonts Rd is closed in both directions.

MASCOT: Some traffic lights are turned out or flashing yellow.

media_cameraCommuters are struggling with the heavy rain and gale winds in Newtown.


Today 22C. Rain, wind

Thursday 22C. Clearers, winds.

Friday 23C. Mainly.

Saturday 25C. Heulog.

Sunday 32C. Heulog

media_cameraSydney Harbor Bridge this morning. Photo: AAP


Trains run between Gordon and Hornsby on the T1 North Shore train line because of a tree falling into overhead wires between Pymble and Turramurra. New buses run.

Allow additional travel time on the Green Mountains, South and South West England train lines. A tree was held earlier in wires above in Cowan on the Central Coast.

Buses replace the Parramatta Ferry ferry between Parramatta and the Sydney Olympic Park as the flooding weir.

Cockatoo Island Wharf is closed so Ferry F3 and F8 do not stop there.

Buses replace the light line between Central and Dulwich Hill due to flooding in multiple locations.

The Bankstown train line has reopened Sydenham and Campsie before closing due to flooding at Marrickville.

Both Eastern and Illawarra lines are delays in both directions, as well as on the lines of the Airport and the South and Carlingford lines.

Earlier delays on North Shore and Western lines have leaked.

Lewisham station has reopened after flooding.

Train stations, Wollstonecraft, West Ryde and Eastwood are hard to reach due to flooding.

Bus networks across the city are being delayed.

Trails 136, 208, 209 and 594 diversify around East Valley Road in Castle Cove.

media_cameraA storm moves over Sydney. Photo: BOM


There are almost 5000 properties without power across north Sydney.

There are two distinct edges – one across East Ryde, North Ryde and Marsfield, and the other at St Ives and Turramurra – affecting 4600 properties.


Dubbo has received drought and adjoining areas of up to 30mm rainfall and storms overnight, but it is not enough to break the dry conditions that farmers face.


Be aware of the conditions and conditions in your area and plan your journey accordingly. Check,, and for the latest information.

Remember to put a road on crossings where there are lights out and take forward an additional caution.

Leave more breaking distances between you and the car in advance because it takes longer to stop when it is wet.

Drivers and motorcyclists should use their lights in heavy rainfall by other road users.

Motorists should never endeavor to drive through flooding waters or crossroads that are flooding.

Pedestrians should wear bright or high clothing, and use crossings on controlled crossings.

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