Friday , July 1 2022

Shammi Prasad's soft video is scary


NATIONAL social media prankster Shammi Prasad has caused too much brother in the ugly Melbourne Cup that gave the fans the opportunity to watch Australia's most iconic race.

The serial social media left Cup fans backing yesterday when he pulled the plug into the race that prevented the nation.

The Facebook entertainer left an attack on the Gold Coast pub after he chose to operate his latest fall in the middle of the Cross Counter countries running in the $ 7.3 million Flemington classic.

Prasad has deliberately rejected a projector within the Parkwood pub in an attempt to "stop the race that prevents the nation".

In a video posted on her Facebook page, with more than 3 million views, Prasad shows remote television while sitting straight into the main lounge and location. He's going on to outline his plan to kill the broadcast in the middle of the race.

The video shows the local Coast of the Gold Coast and climbs up to the projector to close down the Cup.

After the flash projection screen is empty, incredible members of the crowd can be heard awfully calling for the Cup to be turned back.

After taking a bow and quietly walked away, Prasad was approved by a member of the public trying to cancel him back as he made his destination towards the nearest exit.

After being challenged back to the building and surrendering its remote control, the quietly returning man returned as hotel staff moved to get the Melbourne Cup back on the big screen in time on for the famous brush down the Flemington straight away.

Said employee said Gold Coast Bulletin The Prasad video was not fake.

The controversial entertainer has previously made headlines for similar photos on unpredictable people caught in his performances.

He went into the Splendor musical festival in Grass in July by concealing the inside of a wheelbag that was pushed inside the Byron Parklands facility and by a security guard from a friend who had been dressed as a facility manager .

Prasad made international headings in April for a 50th floor base jump of Meriton's rise in Southport on the Gold Coast before removing her parachute and landing in a public place.

"Sail jumping 50 stories from room," the headline on the post and claimed.

"Have you been Superman."

First social supporters for the 2010 drunks attracted where he was publicly criticized for his treatment at the time.

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