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Science or Oil Strip: does a cure alone work?


(MENAFN – The Talk) It seems like a good idea at the time. But a few drinks with friends turned into a little more, and in the morning then you do not feel so bad. Is there anything you can do to help?

In recent years, a number of products have emerged that there is a right to prevent or improve fluids if consumed when consuming and / or the next morning. Five products have now been marketed in Australia: Fast, Recoverable, Reoove, Hydrial Recovery and Body Armor Recovery.

These products contain various combinations of:

  • Vitamins – B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamid), B5 (calcium pantothenate), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), B12 (cyanocobalamin) to C (ascorbig acid)

  • Cystein – amino acid a

  • Herbs – silybum marianum (chicken and milk), pueraria lobata (kudzu root) and dulce hovenia (Japanese corsa tree).

The smallest product ingredients were three, the average 15 and 33 most. Obviously, there is little consensus on which ingredients work.

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Vitamins and amino acids

We found one recent systematic review that assessed six interventions for the prevention or treatment of offenses.

One study of a French product (After Effect ©) which included vitamins B1, B6, and C reviewed, but also had many other ingredients. It was reported that the results were promising, but the study did not have a placebo arm, which meant that it was not compared to a false pillow. In addition, one of the authors was the president and founder of the company that produced the product, while the other was a consultant.

There is a small post-marketing evaluation of one of Australia's transfer products. This product consisted of three vitamins and one amino acid. This study also had many restrictions.

In short, we did not have evidence of robust clinical trials that add to vitamins and amino acids prevent or reduce the symptoms of crime.

Enjoying a few drinks can bring the price of the next day. Kelsey Knight / Unsplash What about herbs?

Silybum marianum (bleeding and milk) was traditionally used for liver problems. However, there is no evidence supporting these traditional allegations.

Pueraria lobata (kudzu root) prevents aldehyde dehydrogenase, the enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde. This increases toxic levels of asetaldehyde that are considered to be the sole responsibility for transportation; and the opposite to what supreme suspension should do.

This action is the same as what is produced by disulfiram (Antabuse®), a medicine used to treat alcohol dependency by generating the symptoms of serious offenses immediately after consuming alcohol (resistant therapy) .

Researchers have suggested that medicines that include kudzu roots should have similar warnings to those provided for disulfiram. The same paper was also concerned that the use of the root of kudzu in increasing medicines can increase the risk of esophagus, oropharyncs, and nasal extracts in predetermined genetic individuals, especially if they have been # 39 ; combine with chronic alcohol and smoking habits.

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Hovenia dulcis (Japanese bee tree) was used in one randomly controlled trial that examined the effect of this ingredient to mitigate the symptoms of crime in 26 males. The researchers evaluated 14 symptoms of crime and those who took standard preparation of Hovenia dulcis were found to be less likely to report headaches, falls and weaknesses than those who took the placebo.

But this study has a number of restrictions. He used the amount of a small sample; it did not include women's participants; He tried only one type of alcohol, Soju Korea; and the period of study was short, only 12 hours. These results need duplication with a greater number of mixed sex and sex subjects and a variety of alcohol preparations.

In addition, the two Australian products that contain Hovenia dulcis appear not to contain the standardized piece used in the small experiment above and the amount varies: Re-convert) 75 mg (recommended 2 tables); (Body Armor 30 mg / ml (100 ml recommended).

We are sorry, there is still no cure to prove for crops – although it can, of course, prevent it from drinking in moderation or alcohol avoidance.

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Science or Oil Strip: does a cure alone work?

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