Tuesday , January 19 2021

Rugby: Black Ferns Sevens claims Gold gold; All Black Sevens are looking after a suit

The Black Sevens Fairs were out of trouble. So was the All Blacks Sevens. They got the two things they were looking for.

Sydney Sevens attacked the sweeping net of New Zealand, as both men and women claimed prominent victories in their own final tonight.

The Black Sevens Fairs continued their total domination of the Women's Series, claiming gold with a 34-10 victory over Australia. The result was their 48th win straight away, with the side of the side having lost their losses since their 31-0 Australian Australian conflicts last year.

Meanwhile, the All Blacks Sevens, in the meantime, came back from a semifinal defeat to the US in Hamilton last week to defeat the same opponent at the Sydney, 21-5 final.

New Zealand is now leading the World Sevens stalls in both formats, with the girls 12 points before the USA, while the men are tied at points with the same bee, but they are leading on the obstruction.

"In order to beat Australia at home, she's nails at the head," said Black Ferns Sevens, Sarah Hirini's captain.

"We're a very competitive side, we do not like losing and every time we put it on that black shirt you want to keep up and you do not want to leave your country and # 39 ; your family down. That's why we play. "

Stacey Waaka gave the first points on the board early in the final for women, but when Australia Emma Sykes passed it looked like the side of New Zealand would fight their hands.

However, she strives disappointing to Shakira Baker and Michaela Blyde gave Ferns a comfortable 12-point leader during half term.

Blyde heard her second night early in the second half to stretch the lead, but the Australians hit again by Sykes to continue to enjoy hope.

But with two minutes left on the clock, Waaka crossed again to put the game out of the reach of the Australians, and Blyde claimed his third of the game to close a striking win.

The Ferns took the win without the strongest possible side on the field, after the first killer, Tyla Nathan-Wong, lost a last day in Sydney after suffering an ankle injury on Saturday. Nathan-Wong was on drains yesterday and watched from the side as her side claimed the gold medal.

Similarly, he was lopped in the men's finals, seeking Regan Ware and Sam Dickson putting New Zealand as a 14-0 half-season leader.

Ware finished a slic movement as US errors led to anti-assault that Dickson started comfortably to create a comfortable cushion during the break.

Tone Ng Shiu gave the game out of reach soon after half term, and while the USA got one back, it was just a comfort and claimed that the All Blacks Sevens were their second title of the season.

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