Tuesday , March 2 2021

Richard Gere loves the Moscow boys' award

Mosocw: Richard Gere, the actor, made a guest appearance on Tuesday in a secret business forum again in Moscow that argued after offering a competition competition after female wife assistants.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere

School organizers warned Synergy business And Daily Telegraph "there should be no information about Richard Gere" in his broadcast due to a condition in his contract allowing them to "invite Russia's press only". Gere, 69, was the main speaker of Synergy Global Forum, who also hosted the actor Malcolm Gladwell, the author, and Steven Seagal.

Tickets ranged from £ 175 ($ 304) to more than £ 5000 for VIP access.

The leading Hollywood man told the crowd at the Olympic stadium that Moscow, once dark and ruinous, is now a "light city" that "felt part of Europe".

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