Tuesday , August 16 2022

Renault has sympathy to Williams after "hard winter"


The new car Williams, the FW42, was starting to run in Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon, with George Russell limited to 23 laps as the team successfully completed a public jacket.

Renault had almost lost his own closing date before the tests started, and asked if he was easy to sympathize with Williams, said square technical director, Chester: "Oh yes, absolutely.

"It's very difficult. Unless you live through several car buildings, you would not realize how hard it is and how much parts are provided at the last minute.

"The production men are doing a great job and they are pursuing thousands of parts over a two or two period.

"Everything comes up almost at the same time and it's super, very busy.

"You have only one or two problems to be four or five days late, so there's a big challenge."

F1 teams have had a difficult time to prepare for testing this year due to the new aerodynamic rules confirmed only during the last season.

He also started testing a week earlier than it was done in 2018, and Renault has already admitted that he was late with his construction.

"There's probably some reaction to the regs that are defined late", said Caer.

"Teams have pushed quite late to take full advantage of the regs, and then they have been completed just between construction.

"And the season has moved on. The mix of both has made it the most difficult winter."

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Williams expected the advent of more parts so that he could complete more aerodynamic work on the last day of the test today (Thursday).

It will condensate its program to try to work as many major components as possible, which Chester said could be achieved but it would not eliminate all the negative consequences of the late start.

"There are ways to repair," he said. "You can prioritize all your test items and then go OK, those are slightly smaller, we'll drop them out.

"I believe that you really need what you need is hard, if you can, your full miles for reliability.

"That has helped us a lot last year. You need time in the car to understand, so every running has an opportunity to learn a bit and get drivers into it.

"There are ways to compress but it still hurts lost days."

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