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Patricia Richardson reveals why comedian Tim Allen ended

Patricia Richardson has opened up about her time on the hit comedy Homecom Home Improvement and revealed why the show ended.

Richardson and Allen starred as husband and wife Tim and Jill Taylor between 1991 and 1999 on the highly successful comedy.

Talk to Entertainment Tonight about her time on the show, Richardson explained that she didn’t actually audition for the role of Jill but stumbled into it when the producers got desperate.

“[The network said] we need someone who challenges her and is as feminist as she is male, ”Richardson recalled Tim” The Toolman “Taylor’s very masculine character.

She recalled that, days before the show started filming, she was under contract with Disney for a different project that didn’t go out. In the meantime, Home Improvement was about to start and they still needed a lady character.

“They called me in and said, ‘This guy, he’s a stand-up, he won an award, he has a special show on Showtime,” he explained. “I’d never heard of it, I’d never heard of that show and I’d already seen one failed show … done with stand-up and family and everything.”

Richardson admits she was skeptical to join the sitcom initially, but she and producers felt that her chemistry with Allen was so good that she couldn’t pass the part.

After the show aired, it was very popular and Richardson said she noticed that her themes really resonated with American viewers.

“The basic thing I saw most in the post was, ‘Are you looking through our windows? The things that you and Tim are fighting about are just like ours, ‘”Richardson recalled. “Or, ‘I get it, I have three sons too,’ or, ‘This is so freaky, because it’s just like our family!’”

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However, after eight seasons, Richardson was ready to leave the show. She said she and Allen ended negotiations for her to come forward for one more season, but she ultimately declined.

He said Allen refused to do a show without it and refused to pitch Home Improvement with the character Jill being killed off. As a result, the series ended in 1999.

Allen went on to have film success, voicing Buzz Lightyear for the Toy story films.

And in 2011, he found a home on television once again with premiere Last Man standing. The comedian and actor will get the ninth season he always wanted in 2021 when the series sings its last batch of episodes before ending forever.

Last Man standing Season 9 is set to premiere in the US some time in January.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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