Do you know those beautiful colors that were supposed to make Design Material? Yup, we've been kissing a lot of fun for a long time and it looks like they could be removed from one other app on your phone: the Play Store.

A couple of users have started to see a new Play Store interface that eliminates the green title and the bar informing them, replacing them with one white. It also removes the green background behind What's New? a section for changelogs and replace with white. It also draws the gray background behind your grade / review of an app and … you're speculative … replacing it with a white. The only real addition of color is greener Install button.

There are also many other changes to the interface, such as the removal of cards for the applications and similar recommendations, the wider text column for reviews, and some font differences, as well as a lack of significant indicators on for download numbers, categories, and review score. The last could be a sign that this UI is still being developed, because you can see the vacancy where they should be … unless Google has turned white. I am a child, I am a child. Partly.

Below is a series of current interface software screens that I see on my left (left) and what's showing up on the new design (on the right). So you can see your eyeside on color and shape disappearance.

This seems to be a limited server side test so let's hope it will not be presented to all users before someone in the design team shows how to add a little color or texture back.