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Mother Fergie and Princess Eugenie Participate her Ultimately as a Girl's Wedding


Sarah Ferguson reflects her marriage, her daughter, Princess Eugenie.

It was almost a month since the Princess of York and Jack Brooksbank were married to the world, and her mother is still tumbling and thinking about the beautiful celebration.

"I always go to marriages and thoughts," Why does the bride-in-law cry? "But I can completely understand why," said the Duchess of York 59 years old in an interview with Daily Mail announced on Friday. "Because it's so amazing to think that your daughter has grown up, leaving home and starting her own life."

"I sat in the chapel and everyone was seeing me going, because I managed to slip into my high heels," he said. "Then I looked across and saw my sister [Jane] and I watched his face and there were tears – and I've done it again, I've finished now. "

Princess Eugenie and Parents at her Wedding

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Eugenie and Jack heard the goal on October 12 at Windsor Castle in England. The bride looked astounding in the wedding gun of Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, who made a strong statement.

"My fachafaf was watching Eugenie standing high, very proud of showing her scorpion crew in her low back dress," Ferguson said about her daughter's ethereal. "I had gone to all the fittings and sat there beautifully, and because there were no boxes, it was a very strong statement."

Eugenie's costume showed the scars back from his 12-year surgery for scoliosis. The surgery changed his life back, and he decided to honor that in many ways for his great day. As well as showing the scars freely, Eugenie also invited her NHS surgeons to the wedding in Windsor.

Dressing Princess Eugenie's Wedding

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Princess Eugenie


    The Princess Eugenie And Jack Brooksbank

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She also chose to go without color, Ferguson decided that he had made sure he was allowed at St George's Chapel.

"We called San George Chapel to ensure that there was no special rule for damp that we had to wear, but it was not and Eugenie wanted to be himself," said the proud mother. "The tiara, borrowed by a girl, danced to her. It was so amazing." Mum said, I thought I was going to have nerves, but I did not hi. "

Meanwhile, mother two has been happy over her daughter and a new son in law. "She and Just Jack intend to be. She's pledged, and now I have a son, Jack likes Zebedee." Boing, boing! " he says. "This will be the best companion, as the Prince Albert is to Queen Victoria. I know that kind of love will fit."

For a reminder of the wedding day of Princess Eugenie and Jack, watch the video below.


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