Friday , January 22 2021

Matthew Essendon, Matthew Lloyd, urges John Worsfold to fire after starting 0-2

Essendon's legend, Matthew Lloyd, has admitted that Bombers coach John Worsfold runs out of time after a slow start to the season.

The pressure from the fans of the Bombers has reached the fever fort following two colorless performances of the Worsfold side to open the season, and Lloyd said the old trainer had to turn the tide t sooner rather than later.

"I think you need to ask questions when you play the way you are," said Lloyd Footy Classified.

"10 of the last 14 buys John some time but time ends in a sense because of the way Essendon has played the last two weeks. What I'll say is that he's 0-2.We are two weeks in and things can change quickly.

"They lack confidence. They lack direction. This is an inexperienced leadership group with a lack of confidence and belief, they are out of form."

Worsfold has come under fire for his quiet demeanor following the two losses of the Bombers, and Lloyd urged him to light his players ahead of a season conflict against Melbourne in Round 3.

"The players have too much power in today's game," said Lloyd.

"We say transferring the power to the players. This is a week where John Worsfold needs to walk in and go, 'Guys I've given you a chance, you haven't achieved nothing in the first two rounds.

What would Lloyd change in Essendon

"This is what we're going to do this week: Max Gawn, we're going to hunt as a team this week. James Harmes goes to Zach Merrett, we 39. James Harmes is worried and gives him the hardest his life night.

"They're slow, Melbourne Football Club, if we're matching them inside and we're not going to grasp our lives t I would make them look stupid. (Jack) Viney, (Nathan) Jones, (Max) Gawn, (Christian) Petracca is unsuitable for me, I would run them off their legs.

"This is the kind of language I would speak to these players and take it out of their hands because that's what I think t they're craving at the moment. "

A Friday night conflict between the two sides is known as one that could define the season with the two teams that were thrown up at the lowest two points on the school. .

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