Sunday , August 14 2022

Mal Meninga calls for NRL's bad boys to be banned


Coach Kangaroos, Mal Meninga, has called for players who face criminal charges to stand down until their cases are set, as the independent NRL commission considers legal advice before deciding on the future of Jack de Belin.

De Belin has pleaded innocently to raped a girl in a company in a Wollongong unit last month, and Meninga believes that the Dragons star needs to stand apart until it has been proven. n harmless by the courts.

Meninga is well-known for his strong stance on the player's behavior and he did not so much stop Greg Inglis and pull him on the Kangaroos captain following drunk driving and speeding charges last year.

And the immortal rugby league said News Corp, de Belin should be suspended from the game on full pay.

"Anything that is about domestic violence or sexual abuse, is not society at all," said Meninga. "The game must say or not. Everyone is sick of it. Their time is up.

"If you are discharged and accused, you must be stopped until your case has decided. You can not be around the game or the team. It must be definitive.

"Yes, it has to be assumed of innocence until it is guilty but players must understand that they are the game guards.

"Anyone who goes outside the parameters and values ​​deserves to be deleted from a game."

De Belin was constantly to be considered for Kangaroos's choice last year, but if Australia's side was to be chosen tomorrow, Meninga said that the NSW Origin star would not be considered.

However, Meninga said to make a mistake that he should not control anyone out of having a second chance.

"In any value system, there must be a redemption element.

"Sometimes it takes a little longer for players to absorb that and to take it on board.

"If you can turn your life around and showcase the behavior that supports being ambassador and keeper of our game, you can represent a country again."

He goes on to the ARLC Commission meeting next Thursday to review the current policy adopted by the NRL, where players who plead guilty to criminal costs can not fall until the case is solved in court.

The Chairman Peter Beattie has been contacting chairs of each club before meeting to gain an understanding of how every club feels about the issue.

According to the announcement, nine chairs have thrown their weight behind pushing to stop players immediately on full pay until their case is determined, a similar policy made by the NFL.

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