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Life After The X Factor & # 39;

The winner of The X Factor Altiyan Childs has emerged in what he says is that striking contract competitors on shows such as The X Factor and The Voice have been forced to sign .

Childs, 43, has also revealed that he has found God as he continues to go over what he said was a transportation time after winning The X Factor back in 2010

He was mentored by Ronan Keating with Natalie Imbruglia, Kyle Sandilands and Guy Sebastian of the other three mentors.

"I saw many shortcomings and a lot of fictitiousness around me, people stepping across to get somewhere," he told news.com.au.

"They smile over your face, but they all hate you. Then you'll come closer to the top and start the rumors, and the bitching stars" .

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He says he has left penniles after winning the show and then signed and released by Sony Music.

"When I won, I saw another level of pollution, lots of snakes, and many sharks," he said.

His first, Somewhere In The World, No. 8 arrived at Australian ARIA charts and platinum went, but Childs says he did not see a percentage.

"I've seen between fifty and seventy thousand singles and I've been able to pay $ 0 dollars exactly about it," he said.

"But no one complains, because if you're a patient and you play along and be a good little boy, and if you're a child, tell them what they're giving to you, then after 10 years if you're fortunate, you'll accumulate some money, but mostly through gigs or goods. "

He now thought that he was "soft" in the audition process to reach the last 12 and says that competitors who are desperate to do in the music industry will be forced to sign up to # 39; r restrictive contracts.

"The contract you sign is more dense then Harry Potter's book," he said.

"When you're in the top 12, you can not choose.

"If you do not sign it, you're out and they'll replace it before it comes to TV."

The children are based just outside of Dubbo in New South Wales with a two-year-old woman, Samantha, who dies.

It has released one new single, Exhale, he has funded independently.

Childs have always written telling each book, however, he has received legal advice that he has to remove if he wants to publish it, as it is too urgent.

This includes what he says is a too negative experience with a former Sony Music record company.

"I'm writing a book and I've been sitting there in my cupboard but I'm releasing a dangerous book because I do not know how many people will try to sue me," he said. .

"I had two main publishers looking at it, but they said it had to be greatly changed to avoid legal cases.

"But I can not water it, it's like a song, I can not."

He says to win The X Factor and subsequent years makes it difficult to give an insight into the music industry and it's not something that it likes.

"The industry, there is a lot of self-love, but not a healthy kind," he said.

"There's a lot of ego and then there is fame.

"I'm probably still on the radio to be honest with you if I was a bit more egotistic, a bit more proud, but not that for me."

One thing has helped him to get the experience The X Factor and deals with the fall, Childs has turned to religion and does not fear to talk about it.

"I now focus on my Heavenly Father, more or less," he said.

"He's been dressed every day in life.

"I really work on being as sacred as I can, to be quite fictitious with you."

It was some last ten years before Childs were in The X Factor, that the singer claims that he had received a sign from God who set on his spiritual journey.

For the first time he has opened for that moment, which happened after he drove back after a car in Penrith in New South Wales as a passenger car seat.

The outgoing driver had fallen asleep and they were on a crash course to get an accident.

"I was sleeping and I heard a voice as clear as day, it was like the wind," he said.

"It was like an oxygen sound, it's hard to explain.

"It was a voice that I heard deep at my head and closer to my ears that woke up, and agorais my eyes.

"I looked and a wall came to me at 45 degrees at the angle and I was looking to the right and my driver had passed.

"I got over and my heart rate did not go up or anything, it was silent and I caught the wheel and pushed a few inches to the right and the wall was I passed.

"It was quite incredible, I thought myself, why something would go in and my cat like this?"

Over the next decade, Childs says he has proven his spirituality, including becoming a member of the Great Kingdom.

"That's just a huge journey," he said.

"I spent ten years gone into books and studying, clearly hit, hit, hit on the door, beat as hard as possible. Every day I hit on his door."

He changed all when he said he was sitting down and read the Bible properly.

"That's her, I took all of my books, I took all of them and blocked them in a couple of Coles trolleys and I'll put them on fire," he said.

"I also put my Masonic apron there, and everything was going.

"I have had a pretty incredible relationship that I have formed with Jesus Christ, man."

Children do not take their music too seriously because it has other things that it focuses on, including its commitment to religion.

"When I sing it, when I write it, it's clear that I'm taking me away and it's very fine," he said.

"But an honest brother, we are here for a short time and with the more success you have, the more you need to miss it."

One story that was an idea when Childs won The X Factor It was the story that lived in a cave at some point of age.

But looking back, Childs calls the story as a bit of reality television only, has increased by producers and maybe its too emotional responses as he tries to work through the competition.

Was she blown?

"I'm sure," he said.

"I can never go out of it. Once they say on the front pages and on Today Tonno and all kinds of things, you have no hope to put it right.

"I realized later that I was very dramatic with emotion.

"All these things they had to do with their milk, they know what they do.

"It was close to cliffs, it was close to cliffs and it was a place where I was taking friends when I was in High School.

"It was absolutely normal, and a very real place to go out to the child.

"But I'm still in the cave, brother …. Do you know what? So be it."

Although he was not seen in the public eye for a few years, Childs says behind the curtains that he has always been working hard and has built a strong fan base, especially through Facebook.

His wife Samantha is a pride in her life.

"She's a great girl, she's pretty bright and powerful.

"She's a good girl, good.

With the new single Exhale, He is planning an Australian tour this year.

Accepting, at age 43 and outside of the Australian music industry, you probably do not hear it on the radio.

"The best I expect is to release ground roots, some community stations," he said.

But for that which is right too, so happy is driving his pride and joy, Porsche, an old 40-year-old when he heard his music on the radio.

"I'm driving every day, considering, relaxing and reading my Bible in the car and enjoying that whole process," he said.

"Then I'm going back to training for the trip, because traveling is a different animal.

"I'm ready."

– Luke Dennehy is a journalist in Melbourne. Follow it on Twitter @LukeDennehy

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