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Anne Hathaway a Matthew McConaughey They are said to be fierce in the film distributor Aviron Pictures, following a planned marketing campaign for their new movie Serenity fell to an end, leading to an unfortunate opening weekend and the worst movie of the career of the one star or the other.

Serenity released last week in the United States after a bit fierce, and crashed in the box office, becoming an eighth spot and earned around $ 5 million. Judges had nothing to say, either, and the movie currently sits at the Metacritic review co-ordinator at 38%.

What led to this incredible situation?

According to Closing dateAnne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey blames the distributor, saying that a promising marketing campaign, including a number of television areas, can not touch, and so, very few people even know that the movie is still Even coming out.

According to the report, all the couples left to attack press Serenity, including the appearance of talk shows and interviews, when the night was discovered before the proposed promotional spending had decreased. Timetable Report:

"They think they have been excused and have had many unwanted calls when TV areas did not appear and it became clear to them that Aviron did not support # 39; the movie and in essence dump it. "

This certainly gives an additional context to the Instagram post that Anne Hathaway did in January, where she was encouraging her supporters to see Serenity, a movie that "requires a lot of the audience" and "it's not easy to cut into audio foods."

Look at this post on Instagram

Matthew and I learn our film Serenity is not easily cut into sound foods. I like movies like this, but in case I'm in the minority, here are some reasons why I think you should see: I find Serenity to be abusive, ambitious, violent , spiritual, erotic, accused, dark, in contrast to a cross, an amazingly intelligent movie of great thought Steven Knight. He's asking a lot of the audience. It exists outside of a dry-brown, black-and-white molecular field, beyond "drums up" and "blown down" areas, "" it's sucking, "" it was bad, "etc. Some analysis and conversation will be required. Da. Serenity is a sexy, serene, modern noir for young people that grow to non-standard things. If that sounds like you, I hope you'll consider giving us your time and attention. Thanks for listening xx #SecretsWillSurface @serenityfilm

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To do things worse, the only memorable moment to come out of Serenity The press ride when Anne Hathaway confirmed that there was a script for The Princess Diaries 3, a movie that he has nothing to do Serenity and it's not even in production yet.

Although Aviron's distributor began to refuse to comment on the situation, they finally gave a long statement on the fate of the film, saying, in essence, that those reviews were for Serenity How bad it was all was simply impossible for them to market.

In the statement, Aviron said he had the "best intentions" Serenity, and was excited to work with such a talented cast, but as feedback came in, realized that the movie "failed to perform" on initial expectations, and adapted their marketing budget accordingly.

The statement continued:

"Regardless of spending, it is impossible for adult racing play to overcome a 23% score on Rotten Tomatoes and D + CinemaScore. It would have spent more irresponsible to capital partners and I would not have made a wise business sense for an independent distributor. We have great respect and admiration to the talent and all the hard work they give to the movie and want to have results; r box office better. "

It's quite unusual for a distributor to draw their own movie like this, so it's likely that this will show how serious the situation was to Aviron when they knew they were looking at disappointment financially.

Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey were last seen with each other in the 2014s Interstellar. It will soon appear in a TV adaptation of # Modern Love column, while next movie, Y Bum Traeth, also stars Zac Efron, The Isla Fisher a Snoop Dogg.

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