Wednesday , May 25 2022

Jose Canseco claims Alexander Rodriguez's claim to Jennifer Lopez


Perhaps Jennifer Lopez would play to engage in a huge diamond of emerald, but according to one man, you should not trust the man she gave her to her.

In a series of dweets fired last night by the former US football star Jose Canseco, the fairies unions between the baseball legend Yankees, Alexander Rodriguez and Lopez may not seem to be completely.

Canseco was watching the NBC reality TV show World of Dance Lopez is a judge and went to Twitter to state that he had discovered that Rodriguez had a former wife Jessica when she called on the phone on the day.

Little support the alleged argument, Canseco emphasized the issue, challenged Rodriguez into a boxing game and even offered to take a detector's test over his allegation.

But how Canseco's reliability could this be the case of sour grapes?

In 1997 he was arrested and was accused of misusing a battery for hitting his ex-wife Jessica during a debate while returning for her daughter's birthday in 1997. The pre-death 54-year-old contested no contest to the domestic violence charge at the time.

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Canseco was accused of a worse assault as well in 1992. In a violent assault with his first wife, Esther, claimed he was cheating his car in his new car.

His claims come only one day after Lopez and Rodriguez announced their involvement.

Canseco has admitted in the past to use steroids.

But in 2017, Rodriguez also admitted the use of drugs that improve performance, having denied to use them at all at the 2007 interview with 60 Minutes.

Lopez and Rodriguez have been together for two years with Lopez claiming she has not given her up in her sixth engagement and will not rush to her fourth marriage.

"I'll rush into three different marriages," he said People magazine. "At this point, I want to be sure."

A marriage to Lopez would be second Rodriguez.

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