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I hope Daniel Ricciardo will be good luck in 2018 & # 39;


Date of publication: November 16 2018

Looking forward to a new challenge in 2019 with Renault, Daniel Ricciardo hopes that every year's luck will disappear with the season.

Ricciardo has suffered the greatest retirees of the best drivers this season with eight on board.

Four of them have come since he announced he was away to Renault next season.

He had a disappointing success to the end of his last season with Red Bull with Ricciardo hoping that next year will bring a better fortune, better luck.

He told Sky F1: "After 2018, luck is just going to abolish. I think the bad luck will remain in 2018."

A 29-year-old has spent her entire F1 career under the umbrella of Red Bull, even doing her HRT competition with the support of Red Bull.

He is now looking forward to a new episode and challenge with Renault.

He added: "I'm certainly excited about change and a new challenge.

"I guess that part of me is as exciting as I want to try [finish with] A good result, I'm also very excited to finish the year and then start fresh with a new team next year. "

I've been wondering whether his late reliability late meant that he was even more exciting for the Renault challenge, he said: "I believe before I got this unfortunate, I was already looking and tire to move on and get something different.

"Honestly, I think I had to run good races, or one that had been running as I was, I do not think that I would change my concern about where I'll go next year. "

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