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How the Prince of the Party is transformed into Dirty Living Living



Whoever thought the day would come when Prince Harry made headlines not because he danced on stage at Davos or played a strip poker with Boris Johnson, but because of his girlfriend to (depending on) vitamin B12?

But here we are in 2019, a year when Tangerine's real estate developer is free of charge of the world and Prince Harry is happy at the start of his day with a smootze.

According to Vanity FairKatie Nicholl, the royal presenter, the 34-year-old father is now a large part of supplements and green juice but also mediation and yoga.

"We never thought Harry would get up for yoga, but he loved it," said Harry's friend.

"She looks great, she's losing weight, she's very healthy, and I think he's very happy, although I'm sure he's losing out with some of her old friends about the occasional paint. "

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Let's give it a second time because Harry is this, we are talking about, the Prince of Plaid and carving a dressing path to every Mayfair and Chelsea nightclub for almost 15 years between wonder joining & # 39; The Arctic Circle to Sydney pubs.

This was the Prince who was caught smoking in her teenage marijuana and running "Clwb H", completely with a well stocked bar, out of the basement of Prince Charles House Highgrove.

This was the same Prince who was shot off his equipment during the Las Vegas race for a fast round of nude pool. (Betty the Queen almost cheated his Cornflakes when he saw those pictures.)

The same man who celebrated to complete the North Pole trek by drinking a champagne out of a prosthetic leg during a two-day deal including Dominic West actor, some Irish driver trucks and home penis. The king also said that "eye-catching" jokes were back And Wire star. Saucy!

If you need a reminder about how much a laugh Hazza had during his loose years, I am presenting this video of you dancing to Michael Jackson while on holiday in Croatia. I'll wait. It will do your day.

If you need more proof of a permanent commitment to have a good time on a permanent basis, this clip of it dries into a Golden Coast swimming pool while dancing.

But wings, no more. The Prince of the Party Valley and raises the Duke of Downward Dogs.

Since becoming a married man, the sixth according to his / her company has traded in his global standard of cooking for cooking baking lunches (see engagement chicken), practicing yoga and discussing the advantages of vegan painting .

In what might be one of the most stunning things to happen to the royal family since King Edward abolished and the Prince appropriated a woman, the Prince has Hand interference to the British beer industry is now common, has given the best drink without sympathy with his pregnant wife, Meghan Markle.

But wait, there is more.

He has also given the best to the ciggies, wearing fitness tracking to count his steps, go to the gym and coffee in a health name. He even starts his day with green juice. How well was Gwyneth Paltrow from it?

Harry's health kick is something that nobody saw him.

Now, it is not necessarily a bad thing that has cleansed its deed.

After all, one reaches age where the collapse immediately from the walls starts to look sad. (Or so we are told reliably.)

However, I am not sure that it's all good news.

Who has not watched a friend sounds absolutely any dream of his / her previous life when they start to see someone else? Who suddenly decides that they also love Form One, gluten-free cookie and Stephenie Meyer's novels?

Everyone knows that this relationship does not end well (and leave you a grandson Twilight paper boxes and useless information about starting grids).

So let's assume that Prince Harry is a keen reader of so I could come across what I'm about to say: Meet in the middle. Start the day with reflection but then kick it back with Merlot nice at night.

It's fine farewell to a drunk shenanigans club, but at least still move in the living room on Friday night, when Meghan finds a great playlist and you just got your third G & T.

Certainly, farewell to the Prince's Party, but never leave the Duggy Dancing Dancing permanently.

We really love it very much.

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