Thursday , January 20 2022

Hamilton rewardes Mercedes as his best moment


Sao Paulo – Lewis Hamilton famous of her Mercedes a team such as myths on Monday and described his victory in the Sunday Sunday Championship as the best player in five seasonal terms.

His dramatic success confirmed his fifth pump of driver and team championships.

He was the 10th win this season, stating he won 60 per cent of team points, 72 his career and 50th in the 99 races in the Turbo V6 hybrid period since 2014.

"It was an emotional afternoon," he said.

"And, I think, maybe that's the best moment I have with this team … I've never seen the guys so happy.

"We've been a long time with each other, and the men are usually happy, but we kept them up. So I hope, when I got back, I could & The men felt what I felt. I've seen, and I remember that momentum, the rest of my life. "

The 33-year-old Briton, who intends to celebrate with the team back in their Bracs base on Tuesday, said: "It's hard to consider what has happened in this last six years. An incredible journey and has not been easy for anyone.

"It's just the biggest team effort I can remember. It's really great."

In a show of emotional thanksgiving in the garage after the Sunday victory he told the race team: "It's an incredible honor to work with all of you … Seeing you race, seeing the energy you've all got, happiness can fill in life.

"I really want you to remember that moment and hold it up because that's what will drive us to many more championships. Never leave that energy reduction … I'll tell you, My sentence.

"The last six years have been emig and iconic. We're now legends. Remember that when you go home, when you look in the mirror, when you wake up, say, I'm telling you to say that to you … And I'm a legend ".

By common consent, Hamilton has also become a legend of F1 with a non-witch season that provides the foundations for the team's double success.

Technical director James Allison stressed that he was a key factor in the Mercedes victory in both championships after a duel competition with the Ferrari competitors.

"It's been said that Lewis this year has made us the difference," he said. "Keep it on the pole and when it's wet, it's always the same. In the races, we can make mistakes and it will recover it by doing something unlikely on the track that no-one is. see it.

"And it's spent a whole year without making mistakes. It's just the dedicated racing driver."

In the middle of the celebrations, the Wolff Team, the team team reminded them of their need to avoid dissatisfaction and offer the next season for a full sixth record title, removing them clearly from Ferrari.

"The work is going to be harder each year. We are currently putting the benchmark and our competition will get more energy and motivation from us …

"Every point will begin on zero next year, we will have forgotten about the five and we will fight hard to be harmonious for the sixth. One of us we do, we will see next year . "

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