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Google's Pixel phones with Night Sight almost turn a night in a day, click on even star in dark pictures


Not all the major developments in consumer technology are all that are. But Night Sight Google is one of the most seen in recent years. It does not change large bang technology. It's significant because it makes very light pictures simple. It's not like iPhone 2007. Or MacBook Air 2008. Or Google Chrome. Or something similar. But in the coming days, the feature of Night Sight that Google began to add to the camera app within the Google Pixel phones is a feature that many believe that the game changes in light light photography. And it will be part of many more phones, and possibly cameras, in the future.

The Night Sight feature, now available for Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and the original Pixel phones along with its XL variants, is so good that it makes clean and lively pictures light as simple as pointing & # 39; ch phone in something and hit the camera button. No DSLR camera required. Do not need expensive lenses. You do not need tripod, but if you have a tripod you can set your Pixel 3 that helps.

So how good is the Night Sight and how does it work?

I will explain in a while, but before that look at these two pictures:

The highest picture was taken with the Pixel 3 XL in a dark dark room. It is almost not visible in this picture, and in fact that's how the scene looked like my eyes too. I can not see the books, let alone read their titles. The second photo with the Pixel 3 XL is using Night Sight. The difference is day and night. You can see colors and in some cases even read the titles. Now, I have to add a few points here. This is an extreme case. The light available in the room was very low. Only from low light LED bulbs outside. Also, books are incredibly difficult to shoot because the colors in the scene vary so much. Some have black fingers, black ones. Some are red. Some green There are many parts of the scene in shadows, and many in the highlights. In a low light, there is a difficult scene for any camera.

Picture without a look on the left, with the night view on the right

The Pixel 3 XL with Night Sight gets it right. It collects a picture that has magnificent colors (given the amount of light), and while there is a loss of detail in the image and that noise is also visible, it is clear that the scene of which Pixel 3 is captured is This case was really much better than what my eyes could do in the dark. And human eyes are good in seeing in darkness, but it's probably not as good as Pixel Night Night.

So how does Google do it? Copy a lot of light and optical science, some smart code and some machine learning – here are the secret ingredients in Night Sight. Well, it's not really secret as Google engineers explain all this is short shortage.

"Night Sight is a new feature of Pixel phones that allows you to take sudden and clean photos in a low light, even in such a seamless light that you can not see a lot with your own eyes, "says Google. And I agree. The pictures that I have clicked with the Pixel 3 use Night Sight show that Google is not bluffing.

The Pixel Night Sight pictures are

There are a number of techniques that use Google. But the primary technique shoots as many as 15 frames when a user clicks a picture using the Night Sight mode. Click on these images with a 1/15 shutter speed, which is pretty good, especially if the user is constantly holding the phone. On triple, the speed of the lid increases to 1 seconds, and in this way Night Sight in Pixel 3 clicks 6 pictures.

Once these images have clicked – how many pictures are clicked depending on how dark the scene is – Pixel 3 sets out to process & # 39; r images. Here, according to Google, it uses both techniques: HDR +, something that is available in Google Pixel phones since 2016 when the first one came out, and Super Res Zoom, a new feature presented with & # 39; r Pixel 3. Am Night Sight, Google has adapted both features of its original function. By using these two features, Google joins frames, reduces the noise in the low light images, increases details and improves the range and dynamics of the light to put the pictures and pop.

Picture without a look on the left, with the night view on the right

Next colors come in the pictures. In the dark people can not even see colors. Google says, "An associated problem is that people in light do not stop seeing color, because the conson cells in our retinas work, leaving only the rod cells, which can not distinguish between different light waves. Still colorful Night, we can not see their colors. For colors, we employ some tricks in Night Sight, partly by throwing a S curve into tone mapping, but it's hard to get an effective balance between giving you super magical powers while reminding you when the picture was captured. "It's hard, but Pixel 3 is doing a good job.

Finally, there is a white balance. To solve this, learn machines and AI to predict the source of any small light available at the location and location. And then by applying the color temperature to the scene.

Much of this combines science and intelligent in smart algorithms. Much of it is complex. But the Sight Night feature is very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the Pixel camera app, click on more and choose Night Sight. When the light is low, the app itself suggests that the user should bring an Evening Mode by clicking a picture. And it's fast enough – by clicking a picture to see in the gallery takes about 4 to 5 seconds on average – most of the time in low light scenarios you will want to use.

Some tricks Pixel 3 Night Sight

The Night Sight feature is available for all Pixel phones. This means that Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 users can update their camera app and get it. But Google says that the best results on the Pixel 3 because there is a camera with an optical image stabilization. Night Sight also works on the front cameras too.

As far as to make the best of the Night Sight, here are some tips directly from Google:

Picture without a look on the left, with the night view on the right

– Night Evenings can not act in darkness, so choose a scene with some light falling on it.

– Soft, uniform lighting works more than stiff lighting, which creates dark shadows.

– To avoid flare lens artefacts, try to keep very bright light sources out of the field.

– If it's so dark, the camera can not focus, tap a high contrast edge, or a light source edge.

– If this does not work for your scene, use the Focus buttons Near (4 feet) or Distance (12 feet). Below 0.3 light light (in this light you can not find your keys on the floor) that the phone camera could not be focused. Buttons Distance and Distance.

– To maximize image image, put your phone against a wall or tree, or try a table or rock.

– Night Sight also works for selfies, with optional screening of the screen itself.

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