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Friend Michael Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on allegations


A rabbi that was close to Michael Jackson before breaking his friendship dramatically says he believes the child accused of sexually abusing a documentary leaves Neverland telling the truth.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said Current Issues Tracy Grimshaw, the guest, had always believed that the music star was innocent of sexual abuse charges until he watched the “devastating” documentary, including the alleged victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck. .

“There is a very big difference to the past. The difference, above all, is that you see two boys who are now men, talking to deep pain, ”he said. SAC.

Rabbi Boteach said he had been surprised by the allegations.

“I don't think these men lie, and I don't think the shame and guilt experienced by their parents in general, perhaps their mothers in particular, is feigned,” he told Current Issues welcomes Tracy Grimshaw.

Rabbi Boteach said Leaving Neverland leading to a “fundamental reassessment” of Jackson's legacy.

“We have never heard in-depth claims,” he said.

“We have never seen the accusations of the accusers as they made these allegations, and we have never heard of the family members who had to shoulder that pain.” T

The Jewish leader also revealed how Jackson once warned that he could not be the “master of the child”.

“Michael said he wanted to inspire his reputation to help the world's children.

“So, what I said to him is, you had never intended to be a master of the child.

“Give the best thought that you are the one that is supposed to pay attention to all neglected children in the world.” T

Rabbi Boteach said of the front Leaving Neverland he thought of Jackson as a “tragic figure because of a superstardom disaster”, comparing it with Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Rabbi Botasch said that he did not believe that humans were designed to “live as gods” and the moment he felt that his advice was not being considered, he broke his ties with Jackson.

“I didn't hang on, I was rabbi and that's when I felt I had to leave and that's when I broke our relationship,” she said. SAC.

The pair was originally presented by a friend in 1999, said Rabbi Boteach, and they formed a spiritual connection; immediately despite their religious differences.

He said Jackson would shock the public by knocking on their door when his fame was high.

“Michael was a Jehovah's Witness but I was surprised how deep that spiritual bond was,” he told ICR.

“I think that people forget that Michael was once a missionary, he used to go door-to-door.

“It used to go on Sundays. You can imagine that someone of the famous name that fame is knocking on your door, and it gives out The Watchtower magazine, what would be the response. ”

Rabbi Boteach Jackson described him as a very committed father who possessed a rare gentry among famous people.

When asked by Tracey Grimshaw if he believed Jordan Chandler's charges in 1993 of child abuse against Jackson, Rabbi Botteach said “we didn't know”.

“What I knew was that, whether it was true or not, Michael couldn't be around children again.” T

In addition, Rabbi Boteach met another Jackson prisoner, Gavin Arvizo, during his time with the pop star.

Jackson was accused of molesting Arvizo, a child cancer survivor, but was found innocent on all charges.

“Gavin's family arrived one day, and I was really convinced that Michael had brought them almost impressed, to show me his good work.

“It was difficult for me to believe that anything had happened, as Gavin was also there with his family,” said Rabbi Boteach.

One scene admitted in the controversial document 2003 Living with Michael Jackson, which included Arvizo, left him to feel that he had “kicked in the stomach”.

At the place, Jackson was thinking openly about what it was with a bed sharing with children.

“That's the most loving thing to do, sharing your bed with someone,” said Jackson in the clip.

“I couldn't believe that he had done that and he had said that and he hadn't understood that something of his place on it,” said Rabbi Boteach.

“It's amazing.” T

Jackson's family have denied all claims in a documentary leaving Neverland.

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