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EA: YouTube creature Anthem video was removed for disclosure failure, not satisfied


The Environment Agency recommends an allegation from Gggmanlives that creates blacklisted & # 39; want to be too honest & # 39; in his criticism of Anthem.

There has been a lot of excitement around the most new BioWare game, Anthem. Not all of us have been good.

As well as a critical tepid response and some donations from Microsoft corporate executive, AC has been accused of removing a sponsored video for being too critical. YouTube Creator Gggmanlives posted a video from the name "Anthem Review (Pretty Bad") on Thursday, February 21, the day before releasing the game.

Shortly after that, the video was taken online. In response to an inquiry about this, Gggmanlives said, "I'm on the black list now and it has to be deleted."

According to EA, that's not really at all. Gggmanslive is part of the GameChangers program, which the publisher describes as a "community partnership program that fuses specialized creators and players directly to the game development process that enables them Early collaborative feedback for improvements. We also empower creators with an early access play collection to inspire innovative storytelling. "

Most people in this program are not compensated for their contents, although they can be considered traveling to attend events with small rates for casual costs. In return, they are required to provide a full disclosure that includes "hearing and written descriptions" as well as watermark on the video.

Content is not required to be favorable. In fact, the Environment Agency is going to address this directly in the GameChangers Frequently Asked Questions.

"If Game Changer carries out a review or negative content about the company or one of the most honest and constructive games – they will be thankful and full support," says the website. "We're insisting that our Game Changers are acting with us, with the teams of dev, and the community. Sometimes this can make things uncomfortable! EA is committed to being Be the first player and win the trust of our community We make mistakes and make things wrong by the time. For teams to improve and improve, we need our Game Changers to & # 39; w keep real. "

When comments were made, the Environment Agency representative explained that the video content did not break any rules or agreement with the publisher.

Instead, Gggmanlives failed to include all the appropriate disclosures, and urged EA to go for the video. The publisher's representative clearly indicates that the content has anything to do with the move.

"Our GameChangers program has not planned to pay for the content of the review," said an EA spokesman at GameDaily. "We do not believe in that. In this case, the conditions for the disclosure of this particular video were not met – something that we keep addicted – so it was asked to delete it & # 39 ; to correct. We have not asked to include the video to be changed, or the "blacklist" of the creator. Our full disclosure rules can be found here: -changers / disclosure. "

Across the GameChanger EA page there are statements about the importance of GameChanger disclosure, including on a dedicated page to the topic.

"Game Changers has full editorial control over their content and their stories," said the site. "EA does not endorse the content, views or creative options of Game Changer. EA monitors all Game Changer content to ensure compliance with a disclosure policy, which is mainly presented by the EA Game Changers watermark, including hearing and written descriptions. Game Changers are generally not paid for their contents, however, some will receive small funding to pay for minor costs when attending officially sponsored Environment Agency events For travel like EA Play and Gamescom. We may also provide advance access to games. There is a need to include a community disclosure to all the content of the EA Game Changer program. "

This feeling also appears on the "About us" page. "We're obliging our Game Changers to operate completely and completely disclose their program with the watermarks and appropriate discs as & # 39; Submitted by EA Game Changers, or Sponsored by EA, depending on the opportunity, "he said. "A full disclosure is the basic value of the EA Game Changers program and is required by all members."

And in the frequently asked questions, EA is driving home at one more time. "EA believes very thoroughly with supporters about the content created inside our partnership program, or directly funded by us," said the company. "Every time we need to reveal 100% of the time."

EA says that it connects to creators on a regular basis when disclosure rules are not followed. Rather than staff sweeping off offenses, the Environment Agency enforces these requirements when it finds a video that does not comply.

We have reached Gggmanlives regarding an EA statement on its claims. We will update if we received a response.

Especially since the Fyre Festival, the FTC (finally) scrutinizes the way influencers promote sponsored content. The government agency failed to raise any kind of meaningful punishment to Trevor "TmarTn" Martin and Thomas "Syndicate" Cassell when the duo did not reveal ownership of Counter-Streic: Global is offensive Gaming sites that they promote to players (some of whom were underage).

Even without the FTC possibly stepping up his work to protect consumers from missing or inappropriate disclosures, EA has an ethical standard that he is trying to meet. The bad ADC faces these accusations reasonably enough to call a clear and clear revelation.

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