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Deton-8. Blastobox-3. Demo-1 … One of these is the space name of the SpaceX crew capsule now due to its launch in March • The Register


As experts are worried about the potential for a rocket decomposition to be a quick unscheduled flight

SpaceX Branch branch access to Dragon

Not long going now … Dragon capsule sits on SpaceX rocket (pic: SpaceX)

NASA this week set a date for Demo-1 launch of a lot of delays – flying the first test of the SpaceX Dragon capsule, which will eventually cross the men's ferries to the International Space Station.

This causes fears to increase over the willingness of the agency's commercial partners to have an ISS astronauter.

In a briefing session on Wednesday, SpaceX and NASA said they were aiming to raise 0248 EST (0748 UTC) on March 2 for the delay mission. The unmanned spacecraft will reach its preliminary orbit about 10 minutes after collapse, and rendezvous with the International Space Station the following day, on 0555am EST (1055 UTC) after about 27 hours of flight.

The capsule will then return to the Earth on March 8, relaxing safely into the Atlantic sea. Simple, right

Not quite, according to reports. NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel published findings [PDF] Last month I'd have done for difficult reading for bigwigs in SpaceX and Boeing – the last one also prepares a crew capsule for the ISS.

The security panel had very little concerns – which includes old stones – including concerns over the Composite Press Weight Force (COPV), which was redesigned after things got into a mission of repurchase & # 39 ; The SpaceX of the ISS was back in 2015. In 2018, NASA noted that the finger in a black and panel plan is worried that the agency and SpaceX have no full understanding of hazards and edges that are associated with aviation with a new version.

SpaceX Elon Musk, of course, could indicate that the update has flown very few times since then, and even so NASA seemed a bit more fierce about sticking up to # na; back on Russia's rockets after things ended.

The panel also includes a "load and go" procedure, with more evaluation of the performance boosting procedure. Of course, it's up to how the agency has always done things. In the past, the crew settled down once the spacecraft was bred. SpaceX wants to do it in the other way.

Things change

The former appellant Apollo, Lt. Thomas, Stafford, examined in detail the debate (PDF) in his role as Chair of the ISS Advisory Committee, describing the SpaceX process as "contrary to reinforcing security criteria that have been in place for over 50 years. this country and internationally. "But SpaceX likes to shake things a bit.

Landing of the first phase, the fire first, on a stage that passes in the sea is also contrary to many of the last 50 years of rocket. But SpaceX makes it work, most of the time.


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In addition, the panel highlighted the parachute problems for SpaceX and Boeing, giving the latter the failures with pyrotechnic separation bolt drives and a shortage of hot fire tests from the abortion engine. The panel went on to worry that there is still some check and validation on to the companies.

It is also believed that, from the beginning of February, there were concerns of 30 to 35 that have to be resolved, and most of them must be references before any crew can ride in Boeing and SpaceX capsules.

And NASA is hoping to have SpaceX's Demo-1 off the ground on March 2. The wonderful name does not inspire confidence, but hey, what we know ? It is probably not short to demolish, which may be on some of the thoughts of security experts.

The NASA advisory panel indicates: "Pressure on the schedule and launch appliance may be possible for unauthorized test aircraft without all critical content to achieve a reduced role risk for crew flight. " We would give it more concise: "Test as you fly."

With NASA already preparing to sign again more seats on a Russian space board to protect against more slips from the commercial partners, the pressure to get the first off airplane aircraft is overwhelming. ®

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