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Dave Hanna, the ex-union head, guilty of rape, was sentenced to a six-year prison


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February 22, 2019 12:54:38

Dave Hanna, a former union head, has been sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty of raping a woman and she was filming while she was naked after meeting in the Brisbane bar.

Key points:

  • Former president of Queensland CFMEU, Dave Hanna, was convicted of three counts of violence, one counting of privacy breaks
  • He was sentenced to six years in prison and will qualify for a parole in February, 2022
  • The woman was described as drunk and unable to give permission

The prosecution successfully argued that the former president of CFMEU Queensland had taken advantage of the toxic wife, who had no capacity to grant permission.

The couple met a bar on the roof at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane and went to the house of the woman in a taxi because you needed help to go home without the keys of her house.

Once the home came, the woman sent a message of ex-girlfriend and friend reading: "save me" and "help me".

In his final arguments, prosecutor Michael Lehane told the District Court in Brisbane that the woman was poisonous and said Hanna's evidence that sex was consensual was "farcical".

Hanna took pictures and videos of the incredible body and the women's nations while she was unconscious, but testified that he had given permission.

"In essence, she was helpless and the mercy of the accused and simply did the opposite," said Mr Lehane.

"He treated in a deserving and lazy way, acting without his consent."

The prosecution argued that he would have taken "nanosecond" to realize that the woman was very tired.

The jury took only half a day to reach their unanimous ruling: guilty of three counts of violence and one count of recording contrary to privacy.

Hanna was sentenced to six years in prison and will qualify for a parole in February 2022.

Judge Julie Dick said the victim's oversight was "outstanding".

"It was a violent act," he said.

"[The victim] seems to be an extremely brave person. "

No remord, he took advantage of dominance

The victim now suffers from post-traumatic stress, severe anxiety and depression.

During sentencing presentations on Friday, Mr Lehane said that Hanna had shown "no remordy" for his deeds.

"He simply chose to take advantage of his position of supremacy," said Mr Lehane.

"He gave evidence from the jury that he was an active and happy participant.

"These crimes have had a huge impact on their victim."

During the trial, Hanna's defense was trying to ignore the victim.

Hanna defense killer, Mark McCarthy, said that the Crown case could not be accepted by jurors because it was based on "guessing".

"He's guessed, she guessed, she's supposed, she has tried a story with each other in circumstances where he does not have a clear picture of the start," said Mr McCarthy.

"It does not really remember key details."


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