Friday , August 19 2022

Dave Hanna, former head of the union of Queensland, has been found guilty of rape News of Australia


The former head of the Union of Queensland, David Hanna, has been convicted of an "offensive" deed of violence on a woman who met in a bar, and the judge said that there was a "scary" attitude towards him.

On Friday, the Brisbane district court jury was convicted of the former president of the CFMEU state, 54, of three counts of rape and another charge of recording contrary to privacy.

He had rejected the charges, claiming their sex at the house of Brisbane the daughter in March 2017 was consensual.

Hanna met her in the Fortitude Valley bar and then went home with her in a taxi after she was kicked out of the placement for boredom.

He was down his townhouse door, because she had lost his keys, and followed her home to Taigum, in eastern Brisbane, and challenged her.

Messages sent by the wife to a friend and ex-girlfriend during reading, "save me" and "help me".

Hanna testified that he was trying to get up before having an unprotected sex with the woman.

She used her phone to film herself insightfully, believing he was taking photographs, and said she agreed to her.

He said he continued to use the screen as a visual help because of his poor look, and later she asked him to "sexy" cause him to be photographed.

"[It] It seems to me that she is cold, "said Justice, Julie Dick, for one of the photographs, depicting her bed, when sentenced.

"It was a violent act, especially the two digital rape where it was quite clear that she did not respond.

"I thought your explanation over the video – it was an accident – a dispute, which means that is a deliberate act."

Hanna was sentenced to a six-year prison sentence and will not qualify for a parole until February 2022.

Although there was no dispute that both sexes had, the prosecutors argued that he did not have cognitive ability to consent because of his high level of injection or that he did not give consent at all.

When giving evidence, Hanna had insisted she was already involved in sex acts.

Witness witnesses that she was "very witty" and "disappeared and confused".

"[She was] in a fragile state, "Crown Prosecutor Michael Lehane in sentencing.

"He simply chose to take advantage of his position of supremacy as he exploited it in a scary and scandalous way for his own sexual pleasure," said Lehane.

"The way he has chosen to record it on his phone shows his unacceptable and scary attitude towards him."

The court heard that the woman had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression since the incident.

The trial would have been "confusing" to her, says Dick.

"She seems to be an extremely brave person," she said. "She disappeared [in giving evidence]. "

This is a criminal conviction in Hanna in three months. He was sentenced to a criminal sentence in December for destroying documents that could be relevant to the royal commission trade union in 2014.

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