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Rockland County in New York has been pushed to extremes to get to grips with the measles problem: The populous county near New York City will state the state of underage children and a bar that has not been vaccinated. about the disease from public places beginning on Wednesday.

The ban will last for 30 days, or until the boy is vaccinated for measles, but officials have left the possibility of the ban being extended openly.

Ed Day announced the County Executive's emergency state at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, saying that it would come into effect at midnight.

Day said that although county officers will not check whether young people are in public being vaccinated, they will hold parents accountable for the location of their children. Disturbance of the order could result in a misconduct charge punishable for up to six months' imprisonment or a fine.

At the press conference, Day also criticized vaccination opponents, including some actors, who ignored the warnings of the mainstream medical community.

“If you go to People magazine and ask Jenny McCarthy and Robert De Niro for medical advice, you need to re-examine your life,” said Day.

Thomas Humbach, attorney for Rockland County, defined public places as “anywhere people come together for civic, social reasons” including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, business places, restaurants and worship houses – but not outdoor spaces.

More than 300,000 people live in Rockland County, which has reported 153 cases of measles since last October, said Day. The county reported nearly 50 of those cases in 2019.

Day explained that the government's actions were triggered by “pockets of resistance” to the county's efforts to combat the disease, especially from religious schools. We hope to see widespread collaboration, explaining that “the focus is not on arresting and putting people in prison.” T

According to the county's data, the vast majority of people recently treated for measles had not received the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, headaches and headaches. rubella. Minors, those less than a year old, accounted for around 85 per cent of those treated for measles.

Only about three quarters of the county's minors have vaccinated fully from measles, said Day.

Although the SSA had eradicated measles in 2000, there has been a recent surge in cases across the country. In general, cases have been increasing in pockets where proportions are higher than average for unvaccinated people.

Measles, a highly infectious virus, can cause fever, rash and dangerous high respiratory problems.

Officials in several states are working to close gaps allowing parents to avoid vaccinating their children for religious or philosophical reasons.

Day explained that “forced vaccinations” would not take place. A free MMR vaccination clinic will be set up in the county's Robert Yeager Health Complex this week.

This story was updated with additional comment from Ed Day.

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