Wednesday , June 29 2022

Concluding the Tons Game: James Weir recaptures


This week seems to be about the finale of rubbish, as we saw with the politics of Australia and Game of Thrones.

Y GoT it made the suction ending – mainly because I didn't see any of the previous seasons. What can I say, my busy mother. When I do not sleep or avoid calls from my viewer or googling recipes, I will never cook, I'm watching Gilmore Girls on loop.

So Game Thrones it was always going to be a reduction. How would this end? I certainly thought Jon Snow and Daenerys would move to the suburbs like Monica and Chandler while that little person would leave the crew altogether and take a job once in a lifetime in Louis Vuitton. in Dorne. Everyone would be very sad but it would also be heartbreaking and then they all get one last evacuation down in Central Perk.

So how did it end?

Well I've been told last week that a yellow girl has burned down the city and now everyone wants to kill her. The Middle Ages were much more fun with their “eye for eye” attitudes. Modern society needs to bring an eye back to eye.

Anyway, the little man is very keen for Jon Snow to kill the yellow girl but Jon feels a little funny about it. Nerd.

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“Well I choking my girlfriend and shooting my father with a crossbow, ”Snip snips. These types of friends are the worst ones – always ask you to justify your choices and turn everything into competition. It's like a Friday night after work when your friend wants you to go out to drink and you like, “Nah, I'm tired,” and they're like, “Well t I am has been up since 5! “And you like,“ Good for you, bitch, I'm still going home to eat pizza in my jockets. ”

Jon was not worried about killing that yellow girl, who seems to be the only person in the kingdom who has access to Clairol Home. He wants to go back to his castle and eat a roast pig for roasting while he's been fried in a wolf fur.

“Love is a death of duty,” Jon sighs.

“Did you think of that?” Turns ask. Jon says he has done but I'm sure he has stolen that line of Matchbox 20 song.

Across the town, that witch who burnt the city felt no regrets for what he did and went home to scare her hair carefully while cooling on the couch and throwing at her dragon.

She stares long on that knife chair. Suddenly Jon Snow appears. We've been surprised by the fact that it seems so amazing about spending the night at home eating pizza in his jockets, but he probably had a second wind.

“When I was my daughter, my brother told me that he had been made with a thousand swords of Aegon's enemies,” she expects Jon Snow for the chair. “Then I was brought up, and I realized that Scandi Freedom had just another crappy replica.”

“The world we need is the world of compassion,” Jon replied. We also need a world in which Briton's 5150 involuntary psychiatric holdings are raised, but compassion is also cool.

Then they make it out and Jon puts it and, from everyone else's reaction, I MOVE, but you probably have to be invested. to care.

The yellow woman's dragon cares and is lively. We throw the kind of tint that I threw the other night when the schnitty arrived and ordered Deliveroo with a salad instead of chips.

Now that she is dead, this dust pit still needs a leader. So Delta, Boy George and Kelly Rowland sit in the wheelchairs and the audition of all the people of the town.

After the live auditions, the decision is unanimous: the child in the wheelchair is a king. He is amazed at the award of the kingdom, but even more surprisingly about inheriting all of the Clairol Daenerys Home Kits.

Meanwhile, Jon decides to leave the town. It has got enough of the dragons and the cold. There is a need to change trees, so we jump on board P&O Cruise. Where will it go? Maybe the Bahamas. The Greek Islands would also be nice. Somewhere that do not need clothes out of wolf fur.

And what about Turns? The ending of Turns is the most satisfying for all. We are moving to Dorne to take up a great new job with Louis Vuitton. Just like Rachel.

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