Tuesday , January 26 2021

Bernard Minutes 60 Minutes Interview: Lleyton Hewitt, Australian Tennis

Bernard Tomic walked away from Opening Australia after being bundled out in the opening round by Marin Cilic.

Despite the early departure, Tomic's headings were predominantly throughout the opening of Grand Slam the year thanks to an explosive press conference after the game.

The 26-year-old left a series of allegations aimed at captain Davis Lleyton Hewitt Cup who took the tennis world in storm.

As the tournament continued to play out, the barbs were still traded between Tomic, Hewitt and even Nick Kyrgios.

Now the enigmatic star and dad John have sat down and opened on one of the most troubled times Australian Tennis has suffered.

"We all know my image of the last decade, I can not take it back. I am who I am, I've done what I have done," said Bernard on Channel 9 60 minutes.

"I have had problems from the court, I have been arrested and things, but that's that. But this is absolutely different."

The bitter movie all traces back to 2010, as his father gave him, Hewitt tried to emphasize him to reveal who was an Australian Tennis "against".

"He sat down and said that you do not play Cupis Davis tomorrow Tomorrow, unless you tell me these things," said Bernard.

Chief Executive of Australian Tennis, Craig Tiley, declared a statement saying that the organization was not aware of any incident or weed of inappropriate behavior of 2010.

But that is a statement, John has rejected, saying he complained about his son's alleged bullying at the time, but he was ignored.

"I'm asking you, Allison (Langdon), what happens if I were bullying someone who was 16 years old and threatened him in your room," said John.

"What's happened? I'll be in prison now. We have a beautiful country, strong law. Who is Lleyton Hewitt? Who is it?"

"I mean that you give a child aged 15, 16 in a room and go, tell me this or you do not play. you know? & # 39; Bernard added.

"And you'll never come close to it, you'll never succeed in the Australian sporting game." This is a big threat, a big threat, "said John.

But the big question that is related to the entire scandal continues with the timing and why it has taken the best eight-year part to enter.

"I think that this is my subject with me is that I have to sit here and just take a word about it," Langdon's questions.

"You will not tell me what the test is, what evidence do you have, but I have to believe."

"I was threatening, I was stunned, that's all I'll say. I was 16 years old in the Davis Cup tie in Melbourne, Grand Hyatt. I will stand back there. are being held, "Tomic responds.

The oral grenades were lobbied between Tomic and Hewitt throughout the Opening of Australia with both dropping serious allegations against the other.

When Hewitt responded to the Tomic explosive press conference of the end, he claimed that Tomic had threatened him physically and also threatened his family and had tried to throw him away since his relationship ended.

Tomic is not back from the allegations and said he was making the Hewitt message with threats, but said he would never cope with threatening his family.

"I sent it out, threatening, I said exactly the words that I said, if you come one meter from me, I will strike you out," he says.

"And I know that, if you've ever tried to talk to me, come one meter from me. I'll stand there. But I told her family? That's pretty low.

"How low do you have to talk about family, children, and things? I think that's one of the lowest things I've ever heard from.

"I'm standing back to my threats, but not a family, who has nothing to do with nothing.

"That's wrong. Although saying that, that's really low. To go so low and make me look bad, that's really low.

"Now that he has said that; if two meters come from me."

Tomic's image took a frightening following his allegations against Hewitt with social media entering into an orphan and said he had made the claims just after losing another game.

But the moment was not a decision from the Tomic, instead it was arranged to play out just when the tennis world was watching.

"Look at some of the people who said to myself saying that I had lost and that was my defense, which is completely wrong," he said.

"I just felt that momentum and that time were the right time to come out with all those things."

Tomie's bitter and ugly booth with Hewitt threatens to bring Australian tennis to his knees with the end to see it.

"It has too much power and is not fair and is not fair for the Davis Cup. It's not fair for players who do not have the opportunity to play the Davis Cup because it's control the system down there, "added Bernard.

And while Tomic is facing a long fight north to win the back in the Davis Cup Cup, Hewitt does not claim that he would never play again right.

"At the end of the day, Lleyton is an Australian Tennis worker. He's reporting to me. I'm reporting to Craig Tiley, so there's a chain of command, so he does not have the only said discretion, "said Wally Masur, Australian Tennis Performance Director.

In time, the truth will be revealed, but the charges will now continue to fly and Tomic will continue to talk.

"I only speak the honest truth of what I know, and what I'll think, and what many people know, too, but too afraid to come out, "he said.

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