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Australian cricketer Alex Hepburn suffers silence

The girl who outraged cricketer Alex Hepburn said she was “hated” for “humiliation” during the WhatsApp sex conquest game.

Worcestershire CSC player Hepburn, 23, was sentenced to five years in prison last month for rape.

media_cameraAlex Hepburn (left) is led from Hereford Crown Court after five years of imprisonment. Photo: Aaron Chown PA Wire

The sun It was said that the attack was so traumatic that it triggered a medical condition in the 23-year-old woman who left her paralyzed.

Hepburn attacked the woman as part of a weak sex invasion challenge after she came home with fellow accompanist Joe Clarke.

The woman said she was “shameful” to discover in the trial that her assault had been part of a sick “game”.


During an emotional interview, she told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire program: “I will never forgive him. His arrogance is common throughout all of this.

“I hate it. I hate everything he has.

“I don't even think he thinks it's rape. As the judge said he had raped rape. I am determined that he thinks I would be grateful for this. ”

When Derbyshire asked if she was important to find out why she was attacked, the woman broke down.

media_cameraAlex Hepburn arrives at Worcester Crown Court. Photo: Getty

He said: “I don't know if it would be easy to accept when I know why? That's why I? It's very unfair. ”

The woman was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the assault and gave her dreams of being a teacher as she dealt with the trauma.

He added: “He will have no idea the effect he has had on me.”

The victim went through the process of giving evidence twice after a jury did not reach an award earlier this year.

Hepburn from Australia was jailed in the reorganization, but is now appealing against him.


Judge Tim Tindal told him that he had treated his victim “as a piece of meat” and the “game” on WhatsApp showed his “foul sex” and “degrading women and trivial sexual violence”.

Later, the woman remembered how she was suspected of having a stroke four months after being attacked.

media_cameraAlex Hepburn from Worcestershire. Photo: Getty

Doctors told her that she had a condition caused by stress and paralyzed the surface of the name Palsy Bell.

He said: “They said after everything I had been through my body closed.

“As the day went on my eye, I rushed and the side of my face frozen. It took months to get back to normal.

“I had to drink through straw. I stopped working. I didn't want to leave home. ”


Worcester Crown Court heard that Hepburn, Mr Clarke and another friend only known as Tom, a few days before the attack, had set up the WhatsApp group of the name 'Stat Chat'.

The members would reveal details of all their sexual encounters with women called “fresh or reheated” and their grading based on their performances in bed.

media_cameraAustralian cricketer Alex Hepburn and his lover Lucy Street. Picture: To be supplied

In the group, the pals would be irritating & cheeky about “dragging the birds back” and “raping” them and fighting for getting sexually transmitted infections in the summer. .


Jurors Hepburn, who thought he was “God's gift to Worcester”, heard his victim attacked because he wanted to beat Mr Clarke's best friend who had won the “competition” in the previous year.

He met Mr Clarke in a restaurant where he worked at the time and only discovered during the trial that he was part of a sordid sex game where fellow players were trying to bed the girls t largest.

The victim went to her flat on 1 April 2017 to get consensual sex when she then woke up to a man performing a sex act.

He believed she was the 22-year-old now playing for Nottinghamshire, but realized he was in Hepburn when he heard his accent in Australia.

media_cameraAustralian cricketer Alex Hepburn and his lover Lucy Street. Picture: To be supplied

After the path he revealed: “He was paddling on my legs, telling me that I was beautiful.

“I remember curling up in the fetus site, without knowing what to do.” T

He locked himself in a bathroom to ring a male friend to find her and as she left, he found that Mr Clarke had slipped by another toilet in a bathroom.

Two years later Hepburn was found guilty of one count of rape and cleared of one rape charge.

She closed the court process where she said jurors heard it was described as a “good round egg” and was branded as “easy”.

This article originally appeared in The sun and is republished here with permission

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