Thursday , January 27 2022

Australian blogger Newsha Syeh refuses access to the Louvre


Aussie "HEARTBROKEN" blogger claims to refuse access to the Louvre gallery in Paris because his dress is too obvious.

Newsha Syeah says security on the door has turned her away after "brilliant gestures" and told her to "cover".

He took Instagram, where she has 231,000 followers, to stop her frustration after looking at the online dress code and posting a screen from a blogger guide, which means that visitors can wear what they are want it

Newsha, 25, shared a picture of sitting outside a cafe wearing a low-cut mesh wearing that was worn when it was rejected.

"Yesterday in the Louvre, I was shot at the entrance and guarded for my dress," he wrote on the Insta Story that has expired.

"He made the most horrible and horrible gestures and gestures, swore to cover me up, with hate eyes gave me the best to get in.

"I was encouraging, because I thought that the Louvre enforced this rule. Turning out it is not."

He toldThe sunshe had been to the Louvre before wearing a very similar cost and she had "no problem at all".

"This was definitely a personal prejudice," he said.

The Louvre website states that it is banned for visitors to wear "swimsuits or be naked, football or bare corn".

Newsha's followers gave her defense and sent comments to praise her costume.

"I'm sorry to happen. I think your dress is the most beautiful thing. The greatest love," one wrote.

Another one shared his own experience, claiming: "When I visited The Louvre with my sister a few years ago, we wore winter clothing with shoes and we refused access through security because we were underwear & # 39 ;.

"They were so incredible about it too and they were cussed out until we had no choice but to walk away we felt embarrassed. Their dress is beautiful."

And one wrote: "We're in the 21st century and people who are still hostile about what you wear and the way you wear it. I do not know what I'm saying, I'm just abusive. "

Newsha said The sun The experience did not spoil her time in Paris, adding that the city was "so beautiful that you can not long for a long time".

"I believe that the way to respect art is to enjoy it with your soul, your clothes do not have to do with it," he said.

"And the female body is celebrated in art so much, it would be great to be offended because it was working in a gallery.

"We warmly welcomed the Musée D 'Orsay, so we were able to enjoy art as we wanted to make it in the end!"

The Louvre is the world's largest art museum and includes historical pieces including the Mona Lisa.

Visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing because the extensive art will see during a visit.

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