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Apple is redesigning a keyboard in a new update from MacBook Pro and promises quick repairs on sticky keys


Apple has faced criticism over its laptop keyboard layout.

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Good news, MacBook users. Apple will replace all the free butterfly changing keyboards – even on its new models by MacBook Pro which was revealed on Tuesday.

The company said Tuesday that it had extended its MacBook keyboard renewal program, which is repairing the keyboard that first appeared in the t 2015 MacBook. Users have complained about sticky keys, as well as letters typing in duplicate or not typing at all.

Apple also said that it had changed the material used in its butterfly changing keyboards to avoid the problem of double letters. He refused to provide details of the materials. And said keyboard repairs will happen sooner than before.

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Does a MacBook keyboard have a rap?


Apple introduced his butterfly change design starting with a computer overhaul in 2015. The redesign was part of an effort to make laptops thinner and lighter than in the past. It replaced the change to live butterflies of the traditional "scissors" mechanism under each key and was to be more stable, responsive and comfortable.

But almost immediately, consumers complained about the feeling of the new keyboards and said they could easily be damaged by areas of dust. Some said that they had to go a week or more without their computer while Apple replaced not only the unresponsive key, but a significant part of their MacBook. And the repair was not cheap. Some said The repair outside the warranty could be set back $ 700.

At least three proposed class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the use of the butterfly switch.

Problems changing butterflies

A year ago, Apple said it would replace "small percentage of keyboards" in some MacBook and MacBook Pro models "their letters or characters were repeated unexpectedly, their letters or characters did not appear, or their keys were" sticky "or did not respond consistently.

Apple has redesigned the original butterfly keyboard since its first repetition, and the third generation of the keyboard was supposed to solve problems. But consumers – including high profile reviewers in publications such as The Wall Street Journal – have continued to experience problems.

In March, Apple apologized to be " taware that a small number of users are experiencing problems with their third generation butterfly keyboard. "He added that" the vast majority of Mac notebook customers have a positive experience. "

Still, Apple's move to extend its keyboard renewal program to all of MacBooks with the butterfly change shows how much reputations could affect MacBook sales. By guaranteeing all butterfly switching keyboards sold since 2015, Apple provides reassurance to consumers. If your keyboard fails, you can fix it for free. As with the original program published last year, keyboards can be repaired or replaced for four years after purchase.

Apple also said on Tuesday that it had increased the time it took to repair a keyboard. He did not give details of the time spent as this will vary based on a range of factors. But Apple Stores will give priority to keyboard reset.

The company also uses its new keyboard for Apple Stores to use in repairs. That means if the keyboard is on you 2018 MacBook Air failing, you could eventually get the new design.

MacBook Pro 2019 Updates

Along with publishing updates to his keyboard, Apple revealed on Tuesday a little update to MacBook Pro lineup. The 15 and 13 inch computers will be introduced with eighth and ninth Intel Core processors, including an eight-core variation, the first time a processor is so powerful appearing in Apple's MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro 15 inches includes Intel Core six and eight-core processors FASTER, providing Turbo Boost speeds up to 5.0 GHz, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar contains faster quad-core processors with Turbo Boost speed up to 4.7 GHz.

MacBook Pro 2019 performs twice faster performance than MacBook Pro's quad-core performance and 40 percent better than MacBook Pro six core, which means Apple's fastest laptop.

Dan Ackerman contributed CNET to this report.

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