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A woman shares stunning photos of the moment her son died dead


A devastating young woman has spoken supportive about giving
birth to babies during the 32 weeks.

Kristy Watson from Victoria, Australia, was very proud
Being pregnant after suffering three mistakes, Every day

But throughout his pregnancy, the 20-year-old profile was experienced
swelling in his face, hands and feet and even seen a blurred look.

When she was 26 weeks pregnant, Kristy's doctors had consulted them
for her pain but she was alleged to be sent home with plastic and children
His symptoms said normal, Children

But, in 32 weeks, Kristy, who had been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia without diagnosis, died almost and taught her baby
has died in his womb.

"I was told that I had had severe pre-eclampsia,"
Kristy said.

"My kidneys were failing, my blood pressure was so high
It almost causes me to have a stroke or seizure. My body was fighting so hard for me
It is too long to keep my child alive that he takes his life to keep my house.

"I did not know all the details about pre-eclampsia. I knew my best friend had been tested with her
girl but I did not know how bad my body really had.

"The worst thing is that I did not tell me until I got it
a nurse sits at the end of my bed for 32 weeks and 5 days in front of my ultrasound to tell me my little precious Kaycen
he no longer had more heart. "

Australia took to Facebook to open
for her harmful experience.

"No words you ever wanted to hear, no words you've ever imagined
hear so far in your pregnancy.

"If they just have done a
ultrasound that day to see that my country fails, if they were only they would
made my dog ​​see how toxic it was at that time.

"It may not have changed
the result of what happened but the
I never know anything.

"I've lost my lovely little boy because of the system
let me down and not listen to me when I knew something was wrong.

"I had to watch my family so seriously over the loss
their grandson, grandson and cousin and
myself because no-one was caring enough to help when I needed it.

"I do not want to play the game on fault but to be neglected
and feel that I do not listen to people from whom I put my life into their hands
create. . . I'll let down like
I did not really want something to worst on my worst enemy.

Kristy said she had shared her story in the hope that others
expects mothers look after their bodies and have regular checks, whatnews2day

"Listen to your bodies," he said.

"I know that some people do not have to go through the stress
I had to pass in the weeks leading to the death of my son because
Drama was causing me.

"People have to go through something even worse, but these are
small lives that we create inside excellent bodies depend on us. We have to look
after ourselves. I can not imagine any other mother having to feel like them
failed their child as I have had too.

"I'll know that my little Kaycen will live with me and everyone
whose heart touches her. "

Source: Every day
, The Children

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