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A second dram breaks down on the light lines four days after the services start


A driver had to complete the "full reset" of the tram, and at the second attempt he was able to restore power and drive the vehicle back to the Wickham depot for technical assessment.


"The tram was not paid full," said Andrew Fletcher, corporate affairs of Keolis Downer Hunter, on Thursday.

"As yesterday, it was decided that those contingency plans were in place. It was out of service and out of the way while the tram came into the network We also lost an estimate of either as a result. "

After a community day on Sunday, the services began unsupervised on Monday. It was asked if Keolis Downer Hunter was concerned about the lightweight rail network of Newcastle, which he has taken possession of from the NSW government in view of the cuts, Mr Fletcher said there was "no cause of alarm".


"I do not think there are any alarms," ​​he said. "CAF rail light vehicles are being tested all over the world. The battery technology has proved well, so there is no concern about the vehicles or technology himself. It's about collecting some of these last minute glitches. "

The two technical issues were not seen at any time during light rail tests, Mr Fletcher said.

Transport for the NSW spokeswoman said she was "a full investigation into the case's case being progressed by Keolis Downer".

"Our priority is to provide the best possible service to our customers," says the spokesman.

"If a matter is found, we work with operators to ensure that the issue is managed to avoid affecting our customers.

Private operator Keolis Downer Hunter said the tram suffered a charging problem.

Private operator Keolis Downer Hunter said the tram suffered a charging problem.Credit:Marina Neil

"Keolis Downer has made every effort to help customers get a new service as soon as possible.

"We thank customers for their patience and for their support for Newcastle's light rail service."

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