Thursday , May 26 2022

A mobility scooter boat grows a man in court


Larricin will use a mobility scooter to take a boat along the Pacific Ocean Highways near Newcastle facing a number of charges when it faces court early next year.

Shane Swancott, 35, was collected on the camera last month drawing his new 17-foot ship along the Prince's Highways in Belmont before being removed by a Highway Patrol vehicle.

"I'm losing my license and at the same time I had finished installing my boats," he said. "I was going to push by hand, but I thought:" why not use this? "Mr Swancott told NBN News.

The video shows that Mr Swancott is sitting on the mobility scooter ready to make a right turn at a crossroads when a highway patrol car drops past and out of the screen.

media_cameraShane Swancott, 35, was collected on the camera last month pulling its new 17-foot long ship along the Highways of the Prince in Belmont

When the green arrow bends, it tries to remove the motor scooter but it has to go away and walk on to have enough momentum needed to remove; r heavy load.

For a short moment he looks like the man has succeeded him away, but his adventure will soon be broken when the same police car turns U and her turn down with flashing lights.

"I was sitting at the lights in the turning lane ready to turn and the patrol of highways slows down and drops (look at me) like:" what's the f?! "said Mr. Swancott, laughing.

"Putting in-lights, in and out of traffic, has made U-ey and come back."


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media_cameraSwancott was once famous for his history but will pay the price next year after being accused.

The unusual movie spreads like wild wildlife on social media with the man receiving praise and purpose pools for his armed attempts to break the law.

"I would like to know what motor in that matter and how to get it out of the water," said Jesse Robinson on a Facebook post.

"Here's the small scooter," added Ven Thai.

However, Mr. Swancott forgot his inflation online until his friends knew him.

"I do not even make Facebook, I do not even own a phone," he said.

"They say they're financed, buy the car man – I already own a car, I do not have a license."

Mr Swancott's Lake Macquarie police published a court notice for disabling driving, using an unregistered vehicle on the road, using a non-insurance vehicle on the road and using an unregistered trailer on the road.

He will appear at the Local Court of Belmont on January 9.

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