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A boy sleeping with an open mouth that is related to behavioral problems


MISSION Yazdani could not control her son.

Instead of removing his excitement, Kian seemed to be getting worse and worse, drawing the US mother to everyday battles with the age of eight.

"Every morning we're sorry after a tantrum, before we even get out of bed," Melody is posted on Facebook.

"Get rid of stuff and screaming. It's all screaming. Start at 5am every morning.

"We had lost – how did it come in this way, what can we do differently?"

Melody did not see any relationship between her son's dramatic behavior and the continuous cough she had developed.

Now she wonders how she might have been missing.

Breathing the cell associated with face disorders and behavioral issues

Virginia's mother was a floor to find that her son's behavior was not ADHD, as her therapists had told them, but something she never expected.

The little boy breathed through his mouth, indicating that he was actually bent by sleep apnea and sinus problems.

The sleep disorders prevented from falling into deep sleep, and then it is understood to be tired and displeased during the day.

According to The Sun, if a child breathes constantly through their mouth they may be of concern.

"Over time, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose can lead to abnormal growth and development," said the Premier Sleep Associates doctors at The Sun.

"Incredible long-term chronic breathing in children can cause extended face, discomfort or cover teeth, toothpaste and create, dental decay, crop disease, throat infections, poor sleeping quality, sewage growth and development, problems behavioral, and even trouble at school. "

It happened to me too …
Ironically, although I had never experienced the behavioral issues that Kian made, I had the "growth and abnormal surface development" mentioned in The Sun.

For two years, I had a strong pain on my sides; I only had a diagnosis of sleeping apnea and lateral nausea after I visited many of the doctors.

By that time, breathing completely through my mouth caused my teeth, teeth and mice to be pushed forward.

My Nose and Tholust Ear (ENT) expert, Dr. Narinder Singh, did not know why nobody had noticed the damage that the condition called "adenoid faces" was in my body over the last 23 years.

"These are all extreme extremes. More commonly, parents will notice an open mouth, toothpaste / white nappies on the teeth from them drying / tooth down and Panda eyes – rings dark under the eyes, "he told Kidspot.

When he explained the cause of my symptoms, it was like a light bulb going away.

"All words sounded like Kian"

Melody had a similar experience when Kian was diagnosed with sleep apnea and sinusitis.

"Every word sounded like Kian," he said.

He was surprised to find that his little boy had "only 0 minutes sleeping REM during the first study, and oxygen saturation in the 80 percent low, and his 90% sinuses had blocked."

Now there's a new boy!
Grateful, like me, Kian has improved rapidly since receiving treatment.

Melody reports that tonsils and adenoids and the little boy have been pulled "they have seen 180 complete in behavior".

"No more annoying men, no more settings on small OCD things," he said.

"No school behavior reports. Her appetite has exploded, she does not eat eating any longer, and had a huge growth spray two weeks after the surgery.

"It's been a huge change."

See a doctor if you're worried about your child

Dr Singh recommends that parents keep an eye for continual breathing and "requesting a referral to an ENT surgeon who specializes in block nose in children" if necessary.

"The ENT specialist should ask parents questions about detailed questions, then explore the child using a special camera in the nose that can be viewed on television. This will show the cause of any obstruction," he says.

The most common causes are:

  • Big Adenoids

  • Big tonsils

  • Big turbinates

  • Serious number

  • Hayfever (allergic rhinitis)

  • Treatment, when necessary, involves removal of adenoids and thonsils, reducing turbines and treating allergy

According to Dr Singh – you need to look for:

  • Breathe on the mouth

  • Noisy breathe

  • Poor quality sleep / harassment

  • Snoring

  • Reduction of oxygen

  • Change behavior

  • Problems with learning / Problem solving / memory

  • Throat throat

  • Dark circles under the eyes

  • White toothpaste (from drying in breathing & mouth)

  • Crooked teeth

  • Grinding teeth and blowing at night

  • Ningbleeds (from drying out of nose liner due to impressive slow flow)

  • "Nasal" voice

In severe cases, the nose that may have stopped may lead to:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea

  • Reduce so much oxygen seriously

  • Irritability / lack of attention / hyperactivity / disruptive behavior

  • Significant problems with learning / problem solving / memory

  • Unhealthy relatives

  • Dry lips, crack

  • Sinus problems

  • Wet Wet

  • Night sweat

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has re-issued with permission.

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