Tuesday , January 19 2021

Ysbyty Cullen performs unpublished cardiac studies in the province

The government of Santa Fe province was procured the first-class diagnostic technology who came to hospital "José María Cullen" the provincial capital, which will save lives or improve the quality of life of consumers of the public health system.

This technology allows unpublished cardiological studies for the provincial-north center, as there were no tools and software of these features in the region's public and private effects.

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For this, the provincial State invested $ 4,000,000 in equipment and various computer programs, which were added to the existing ones in the Inad Cardiac Imaging Department, which acts in the Cullen Cardiology service.

The procured software is called "Strain" and it differs to the cardiology service of the health effects of the rest. Through this program, the ecocardio can even analyze fiber fibers, enabling multiple diagnoses that lead or redirect different treatments.

The director of Ysbyty Cullen, Juan Pablo Poletti, described as "great joy and pride count in the public domain of the provincial center-north with this technology ".

He also stressed that the Cardiology service had "trained and committed humanitarian professionals to guarantee the latest studies to citizens. It's a referral and referral service in high cardiological complexity. I would like to congratulate and thank & # 39; the whole team for their contribution to public health in Santa Fe. "

Qualitative jump

Adrián Carlessi, expert from Inert Cardiac Imaging Department, explain that "echocardiography is a central and indispensable study in the management and diagnosis of patients with heart disease or risk factors to present. "

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"The software and software acquired recently They are the most advanced that exist in the region, in the public and private field. We are very satisfied because, from now on, we can perform not only conventional echocardial observations, but also Echocardiography Transesophageal, with the help of advanced software, "he said.

Carlessi stressed that "thanks to transesophageal echocardiography, the heart can be seen in more detail and detail. They are very useful in making important decisions about patients."

Echocardiography transesophageal is performed through a tube inserted into the esophagus, the part of the digestive tube that goes from the pharynx to the stomach.

Heart in detail

Other benefits for people with cardiac problems, these imaging studies allow better approaches to multiple diseases of different origins, for example, infectious endocarditis, bacterial disease that usually affects heart valves.

In addition, there are cases of atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia or change in the heart suppressions that predict prediction to form clots in this organ, whose "imaging is only possible through" Cross-tertiary echocardiogram and essential to treat arrhythmia and patient ", Carlessi explained.

In addition, "it is essential in the diagnosis of tumors in heart and heart valve diseases. It also provides inherent information in cases requiring cardiac surgery," the professional list.

Finally, in relation to the echocardiogram performed through the esophagus, Carlessi explained that "it is essential to guide the surgeon or cardiologist to interfere inactive" as it allows Imaging the procedure in detail and at the exact moment that it is performed.

Scope of new equipment

The tools and software incorporated by the province at Cullen hospital also allow performing studies to be called "O eco-straen", which evaluates the behavior of the heart when there is physical stress, by proving effort in a fixed bike. The advantage is that it provides data that conventional geometry does not show.

In addition, through the "Strain" program, echocardiography analyzes the operation of muscle fibers in the heart, allowing to find the effect that certain diseases and treatments can have on the muscles in the heart early.

"The most stable use is to evaluate the potential harm that some chemotherapy drugs can cause to treat cancer. It's found early, preventing advanced damage and also establishing alternative treatment on time," says Carlessi.

Regarding the importance of magnetic resonance imaging, Carlessi, together with Evangelina Garello, Carlos Valli and Leonel Perello, are also members of the Cullen Hospital Unaddasive Cardiac Imaging Department, explaining that the medical center "has acquired the software for cardiac resonances performance." , which is the most accurate and accurate measure of heart dimensions. This allows the detailed study and, as an endorsement of echocardiography, diseases that affect the cardiac muscles, the valves and the heart and the membrane that hide it (and called a pericardiwm).

A "basic study in evaluating heart disease and inherent tumors that can affect the heart," the professionals came to the conclusion.

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