Saturday , January 16 2021

You can now combine emojis to create more than 14,000 new icons

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Image: Google

Google launched a few months ago Emoji Kitchen, a new Gboard keyboard option for Android that allowed you to mix two different emojis by creating hundreds of different combinations. Now Emoji Kitchen has received a spectacular update that expands the range of combinations to more than 14,000 new icons.

Combine the emoji of the Earth el with the face of the mask ? and you get a sick planet. Mix the avocado ? with the spider ? and you will create an avocado. You can even add the same icon twice or more to emphasize what you want to express. ? + ? is a smart face with lots of hands. ? + ? is 1000. And ? + ? is … well, hard to define, but you can see it above between the octopus-bouquet and mouse bat.

As you may have guessed, these new designs are not automatic, but the work of a team of illustrators who prove that Google takes emojis seriously. Emoji Kitchen is only available on Android. You can try the new blends in the last beta o Gboard. It will not take long to reach all keyboard users.

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