Sunday , October 2 2022

You can find your children using WhatsApp


A few months ago, WhatsApp developers added a new or circular option that allows users to know the location of your friends, a feature that many people do not know how to use and today we will teach you.

This WhatsApp feature was originally created with parents in mind to know the exact location of their children; however, many users use it to know where their friends are in real time.

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Most of these users from WhatsApp are tired of late friends lying to them for their current location, so thanks to the message application, they can know where they are and it is not possible to lie.

If you want to know the location of your friends, you must ask them to open WhatsApp and then select the Attachment Cone. After that, they have to weigh Location and finally choose Sending my current location.

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After doing so, you will receive the exact WhatsApp co-ordinates where your friend is located, so he can not sit down if you are late for a meeting. If you want to know more details, do not hesitate to check the following video.

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