Saturday , November 28 2020

Yanina Latorre argued in the networks with a supporter who accused her to be "verduga" Natacha Jaitt: "I've never opened my mouth!"

This Saturday morning, while on Twitter the news about death Natacha Jaitt echoed in infinity of messages and jobs, Yanina Latorre He decided to ignore these circumstances in order to achieve his classical greeting, the one that is presented daily to almost 930,000 followers: "Bore da, ruffians," he said in your account the panellist Morning mornings.

Immediately, a girl asked for a personal greeting, which was returned. And another said on top of his son's flame, who showed her on Instagram a few hours ago; Latorre also answered, funny. So far to follower He made a definite claim, because of the actor's death: "Better call to silence, respect".

Beyond the excitement of the news generated in social networks, the talk comes from the media conflicts that Yanina held with Natacha by the end of 2017 – and it has been & # 39; n he must be settled later in the Justice for the removal of poisoning – has originated from the relationship I had had with a husband, Diego Latorre. "And why would not I have to say hello? Piece of shit!" Was the panelist's response in front of that tweet.

After a woman supported her, in keeping with her, Yanina defined her drawers: "It's fucking people". But there were more messages, expanding Twitter threads. "Every day she sails like that," said one follower; "Yes, but just today it could be convenient not to do", another contributed. "Do you always get the asshole? Or just on a Saturday?" Latorre asked., while the tweets in your account multiply.

"I would like it or not," added a follower directly, "you were a check of a newly dead woman and I hope you know how." "Verduga de who, asshole? I've never opened my mouth! I was suffering from violence and departure! Not trivial, "said Yanina, who had called for silence, trying to finish the debate.

A few minutes later, the panellist came up again, but this time she restricted to reload another message: "To be someone dead, she's crazy to anyone. Yanina Latorre never for this topic, does not go. She was always a victim and she always put her face. Let's relax with violence. "Those words seem to summarize their situation.

Noting that Natacha "just wanted fame and money" with the scandal that ended in the media for broadcasting his conversations and recordings with Diego Latorre, Yanina had ensured that the actress was committed " serious crimes ", because" extortion "they are five to 10 years in prison. "He said at the beginning of 2017, a few days after he told the Department of Justice, who soon looked for Jaitt's home. Since then the panelist spoke of rare occasions for his confrontation with the actor.

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