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Worst passwords 2018

Friday, December 14, 2018 6:03 PM

A report revealed that consumers continue to ignore the recommendations of security experts.

It is said and repeated without giving it up to date that it is important to have a firm password and often change it. However, it seems that this majority has not yet penetrated to the users.

SplashData created the worst passwords 2018 and on the podium there is still "123456", as it happened last year. Followed by "password" and "123456789".

The company analyzed more than 5 million passwords which were dropped on the internet and came to that conclusion people are still choosing passwords and are hard to guess.

Within the list some news about the previous year came as "Donald", "aa123456" and "password1". As you can see, no one complies with some of the basic requirements to be safe.

It should be remembered that it suggests that passwords contain combinations of numbers, letters and signage. It is also important to change these codes often, not split through media or media.

It can also be useful to use password managers.

In turn, it is essential to implement the double validation factor in each account. In this way, if someone succeeds to disable the password, it will not be enough to tackle emails or messages.

Here, a list of 25 worst passwords 2018:

1- 123456

2- password

3- 123456789

4- 12345678

5- 12345

6- 111111

7- 1234567

8- sun

9- qwerty

10- iloveyou

11- princess

12- server

13- welcome

14- 666666

15- abc123

16- football

17- 123123

18- monkey

19- 654321

20- ! @ # $% ^ & *

21- charlie

22- aa123456

23- Donald

24- password1

25- qwerty123



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