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World Scandal: YouTube has accused of facilitating pedophilia, and advertisers draw their guide back – 02/21/2019


YouTube really faced scandal after the platform user showed how the social video network facilitated the appearance communities pedophile in your comments.

Matt Watson, former craftsman of the content of the stage, has published a video showing how, at the beginning of a search, the algorithm began to show endless videos of it girls in everyday activities, sometimes worn with them short boards or in bikini. However, in comments the predators pointed out the times they could sexy Even images, in some comments they came to exchange links with specific material.

The video video has received more than that since two million visits and in it Watson confirms that YouTube is not just allowed these comments, but the traffic algorithms of the platform directed by users of those videos others with similar content.

Watson also noted that many of these videos existed monetized, which led to a number of brands which seems to me withdrawing money back is preventative from the platform.

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Companies like Disney, The McDonalds, The Nestlé, Dr. Oetker or Epic Games have decided triage your advertising investments on the Google platform, as Bloomberg rises.

Although Watson's video attracts public attention in general, this is not the first time that YouTube deals with this topic. In 2017, the stage updated its policies to tackle an event called "ElsaGate", which recommended children including harassment and sexuality.

Matt Watson published a number of videos telling YouTube.

Matt Watson published a number of videos telling YouTube.

The same year, YouTube decided close some comments sections For videos with children in an attempt to blocking the behavior of prey prey. Already in 2013, Google changed its search algorithm to prevent the content asked to appear in Google and YouTube searches. But despite the years of protest public, YouTube has not yet found an effective way deal with prominent predators on his stage.

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The social network has now announced that delete 400 channels and delete tens of millions of comments of your website, after the complaint has been published.

"Any content, including comments, which is at risk of underage children disgusting and we have clear policies which excludes this on YouTube, "said AFP spokesperson.

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"We take measures immediately i delete accounts and channels, report on illegal activities to the authorities a incapable comments About tens of millions of videos that are included underage children. There is more to do and we continue to work to improve and detect the abuse faster, "he added.

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