Monday , January 17 2022

Women show personal parts in return for intermittent


Images that were viral, showing a young girl on the bar showing her breasts and disregarding her pants, to win a scary wine. What happened in the bowling platform that caused controversies and various responses.

The same, which happened last weekend in a bar in the Paraná port area and some of the people attending the bar, repeated photos and video on the networks , according to El Once.

The photos show a young woman at the top of the bar, boosted by the bowler, showing her breasts and stopping her baby, for a scary wine award.

In the images you can also see a number of young people taking pictures and recording videos with their mobile phone, while the girl shows her body to the bowling assistants. As reported, there is also a video of what happened last weekend, and social travel networks in Paraná and the area.

It produced the great fact and varied reactions, as well as an opinion on what happened in the bowling path. Some question the bowling and attitude of the animator, who urged to pull his shirt. Another opinion points to the young girl about "ruling" in return for wine.

However, it was worth noting that some people who expressed their views on social networks claim that they knew the young girl that appears in the video and pictures, and ensures that she & # 39 n fach. Some people even say they are 15 years old and according to the current orders, underage children should not be allowed to enter the bars and should not allow them to use alcoholic beverages.

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