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Without launching, Roberto Lavagna moved as a candidate and criticized the Government – 02/23/2019

Roberto Lavagna is not busy – a candidate but moves as if it were. He traveled 1,125 kilometers to San Juan, with Sergio Uñac as sponsor, put the body into a episode that smells like a presidential test.

Cryptic and brief – the economist praises the synthetic speeches – Lavagna criticized the government and asked to ask for a "consensus" objection. He listened to him, expectants, governors, marriages and candidates, Peronists and non-Peronists.

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There were three stops: open talk, lunch with eighty leaders from across the country and, with the night, meeting half a dozen governors. Lavagna does not say that its movements only encourage that assumption decided to be a candidate.

"We can start living now with peace, order and social justice," he said, almost in a slogan essay: "The word modification must be deleted."

San Juan's governor, Sergio Uñac, Roberto Lavagna received the closing of Fiesta del Sol.

San Juan's governor, Sergio Uñac, Roberto Lavagna received the closing of Fiesta del Sol.

So your mini raid Sanjuanino, only private and hand-held seats: with Miguel Angel Pichetto, Miguel Lifschitz or Sergio Massa, among others, but there was no public and impressive exhibition.

It was true: with Fiesta del Sol as an environment, Uñac came together figures of different PJs, socialist and radicals, and Lavagna put in the middle of that device. San Juan, who intends to re-election, took him out articulator card

The former pastor, pure gestures, called a gastric amateur in a political key: "With the same ingredients, you can do omelet or Gramade to spray: one has combined and tidy, the other is not known" repeat

Your way of offering that in the Federal Alternative, the space you want to add, which is not peronist, go to CAM with one candidate "I do not mean to me, whoever it is", explaining the former minister who had overlapped his stay at Del Bono Park with coffee and multiple conversations.

His appearance by culling "- by his side – in the presidential cycle creates an attraction and emotion. The POSO avoidance has" no "of Massa, which he saw on Friday, and Juan Manuel Urtubey, who crossed in San Juan.

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Near to the former minister they are the theory that Lavagna's candidacy is "a delicate departure" to Massa because it helps him to step out and avoid defeating another electoral. "Roberto is waiting for the Sergio gesture", raises the ordinary interlocutor of the former minister, almost according to the masist voices that assume that Lavagna will not compete.

Urtubey is more direct: he warned the step is inevitable because it gives volume to Alternative Alternative. It identifies data that reflects the collection, between Massa, Urtubey and Lavagna, from Aberystwyth 30 points, which gives the place within the range of entry into the voting.

The spirit that Uñac and Lavagna are another: to turn the unity of the opposition, including the Kirchnerism represented by Agustín Rossi and Anabel Fernández Sagasti, as well as the PJ martyrs of Buenos Aires with a terminal in the Fatherland.

Veronica Magario, Tigrense Julio Zamora, Front Renovador, Gustavo Menéndez (Merlo), Ariel Sujarchuk (Escobar) to Leo Nardini (Malvinas), urged the rescue. Was a action on the Magario-Zamora formula, responding to the duet version between Martín Insaurralde and Malena Massa

"We can not allow us to be separated," said Lucia Corpacci, who extends the question of what will be going to be re-elected in Catamarca while Gerardo Zamora, stating himself radically, has asked to PJ "do Peronism".

However, the former minister listens to voices that say his chances are improving if Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner are candidates. Here's the look of those who understand that Lavagna is the answer against polarization. Perhaps the reason why they are talking about the public definition in May.

In closing a short lunch, Lavagna appeared to be president more than a future candidate: "You have to think about the managers," he said. Then, when the family picture was drawn up, the economist was not there. Was it slipped from a first postcard?

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