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With a special gesture, Afon supporters refused the bar – 12/02/2018


Returning to the Monumental stadium, to receive Gymnastics and Fencing for the Superliga, most fans remembered the frustrating final of the Libertadores Cup and testified that they were dissatisfied with bar dewr. And also with the Conmebol.

It was banned with Boca being banned because the River bars were throwing projection in the micro that moved to the visiting team and injured some players. After a number of events and going, the game was deferred for the next day. And then he was deferred again.

So before starting the game with Gymnastics and Fencing, genuine supporters have been supported and insulted Board Motors. And by song they insist: "Let everyone go, do not leave one". The bars were accepted with insult.

In addition, in another sign of protest, they hung their backup banners. On the other hand, in the sector occupied by the brava bar, the crews looked as they should.

There were some flags against the Conmebol and Boca. As soon as they were discovered, the referee Silvio Trucco insisted that they were taken back and delays to start the game.

However, some were not seen and were still on display. Until 25, of the Stadium Voice were recorded, if they were not taken, the game would be stopped.

Also, the fans, in a stadium that showed a lot of clearances, had defiled, with songs, the president Mauricio Macri and Conmebol. It was clear that what happened in the Libertadores Copa final made them collect a lot of anger.

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