Saturday , July 2 2022

Windows 10 will have a system to run suspicious applications without risk


Windows Sandbox is a fact and could make your life much easier.

Certainly, many have happened to them when downloading an .exe file from unknown sources, there is a lack of trust. This is natural, with the large number of malware turning. Therefore, Microsoft will operate Windows Sandbox in Windows 10.

Basically, Windows Sandbox is an isolated environment that allows you to run software that you do not trust in the first place. The useful thing is that it does not affect your main setting.

Each time Windows Sandbox has enabled it, a new light (100 MB) of Windows installation will be created (within the same system) to execute the application / s for the tests.

You may have created a virtual machine for such purposes, however, this mechanism promises to be faster and easier. Although you do not need to configure a virtual machine, you will need to be able to interact.

Is it really safe? According to a report from the same company, "once Windows Sandbox is closed, all software with all files and status will be permanently erased." So yes, it will be safer than to make a soul in the system.

Those who want to test this new feature can do so in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 18305, virtualization capabilities should be enabled in the BIOS and at least 4GB of RAM, among other requirements that you can see here.

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