Monday , January 17 2022

Wilmar Barrios talked about his relevance in Boca Juniors and what he wants to achieve at the Libertadores Cup


Wilmar Neighborhoods, soccer player in Boca Juniors – Photo: AFP

He spoke the Colombian field field, which plays for the team xeneize & # 39; at a press conference before the second stage of the final of the international competition and referred to his current status in the cast.

Wilmar Barrios, one of the leaders of Boca Juniors, spoke on Tuesday before the Libertadores Cup final and drew attention to what he wants to achieve with the Argentine team.

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"As a team address, I'll think a lot and imagine you as a champion and I'm eager, it's been the point I've been since I arrived, a point that made me wait to play & # 39; the Libertadores Cup and think about what Colombians have done as Chicho Serna, and Patrón & Bermúdez and Óscar Córdoba, who got the gogoniant in Boca and they are all time is being remembered. That's my excitement and makes me happy, knowing, on Saturday, I have 90 minutes to do everything to achieve that sport ", was Cartagena's moving words.

On the other hand, he mentioned how he thought the process would take place, and he mentioned "important focus during the 90 minutes, you have to be strong in your head, & You need to take advantage of the access or at the end, you have to be smart in assault and protection. "

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In addition, with a possible accompaniment in the middle field with Pablo Pérez and Nahitan Nuditan Nández, to prevent the unsuccessful Afon Plate, he said "the three in the middle of the Cup in the Cup have turned out to get play with two or three Anyone who touches it will do things in a good way, the important thing is the team, enjoy and be up to the end. "

Wilmar Neighborhoods highlighted the skills of the team xeneize & # 39; who will be seeking the seventh Libertadores Cup in his history.

"As long as we are compelling assaulting and defending, we will draw differences, we have fast players, we have to neutralize the attacks that the River is trying to do, but we also have uninstalling players," the Colombia enclosure closed.

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