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Will Boca Will not be able to show up to play? – 11/27/2018

You may be able to call it dial of surgery (for the pepper gas of 2015), complying with the regulation, protecting their players and their rights, or whatever, but something that is already impractical: Boca's bet is extreme.

He says from the statement: pass by. But … Is there a possible backup? Is there a B scheme (without a set of letters)?

It is clear that the Conmebol wants the opposite to Boca: that is, the second Tribute is being played, that the champion is consecrated in court and not in a desk. Most of the prospects indicate that the disciplinary court would manage that address, taking the club that Angelici refers to another case: the appeal to one agency, with a few opportunities.

Then going to the TAS, an international sports court that usually takes time to decide.

And times are more than star. The Conmebol set the possible date (Saturday 8 or Sunday 9th of December) because he does not have a bit of edge if he / she insists that his idea is to play it on a weekend day. And that is the final rational, because on Wednesday the 12th, the Club World Cup starts in the United Arab Emirates, although the South American champion would start on Tuesday only 18.

What will Boca do if it adds failures and Conmebol confirms the date of the final? Is he encouraged to take his rebellion to the fullest by not showing up to play? Will it increase the risk by raising a possible five-year international spread? Still what do the supporters expect?

Angelici defends his political capital betting everything to the success of one bullet: the victory over the River, but in a field that is not the tywarchen. He disqualified his competitor and Copa Libertadores thanks to the goals of his lawyers and the shame of a group of River Plate riders.

That would be the mandate of the partners, at least the one that the president interprets as a guide. Also from staff and to a technical body. It seems that no-one in Boca imagines the possibility of playing, even in a neutral court, and wins with the ball.

The paradox is that this can happen too: finally play, and Boca's football takes place. Or if it's not possible?

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