Thursday , January 28 2021

Why, of course, you could lose the pictures and videos published on Flickr

From February 5, Flickr will begin to delete photos and videos of free accounts that are more than the limit of 1,000 publications.

As the SmugMug company, the owner of Flickr, published a few months ago, the free accounts will have a maximum of a thousand jobs.

According to SmugMug, only 3% of users who have subscribed to the free service are more than that limit.

What can be done? Another alternative is to subscribe to the paid service that includes unlimited storage and this can be paid in two ways: subscribe to the annual plan for USD 4.99 per month; or pay monthly renewal for USD 6.99 per month.

Those who have exceeded the limit for free accounts and who do not want to pay for the subscription, make a manual attachment to avoid the lost images published.

For this you must record the account profile, go to "Reel" and then select the content that you want to download and select the "Download" option.

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