Thursday , July 7 2022

Why do women live longer than men?


X chromosome may be possible "the secret" of more female longevity, since it contains a number of genes that are related to the brain and it is essential to survive.

The report, presented by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), characterizes the second chromosome X that women have in relation to men, the possible cause of longer life and other physiological benefits.

The Y Y chromosome has few brain genes and not essential to survive, said the study.

Contrary to the biological richness provided by the female X chromosome, the male "Y" only contains a few genes that are different to those who are " creating secondary sexual characteristics such as the male and female hair genital and a it is not necessary for survival, "said the announcement.

"We can imagine that nature has led women to evolve this way, and when you live longer, you can ensure the well-being of your race and possibly their race," said researcher Dena Dubal, an assistant neurology professor at UCSF and a leading study author, published today in the scientific magazine of Aging Cell.

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