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Why did the Airbus A380 fail?


A few days after 50 years since the first flight of the Boeing 747, a full announcement of enjoyment for all of us who loved flying and airplane: canceled the production of the Airbus A380, the airbus aircraft made by Airbus are productive It does only 12 years

Airbus comes to this decision because the market, despite the loyalty of the airlines that kept the program alive, told him. Among the companies that carried out the production, Emirates, one of those who made a worthy luxury for the great plane Thousands and One Night.

In the late 1980's, Airbus was thinking of a large plane to replace the B747, which would respond to saturation of airspace and market in geometric growth. However, the difficulties in landing thousands of passengers arrived at an airport where similar aircraft would also be land, its high price and the possibility of an airplane of up to 800 passengers being left with seats without being sold, appear to be determined variables when making the decision. move on with the project; serious error for competitive aeronautical market.

Airbus should have more informed flight choices, after all airlines already expressed negative feelings in 1992, when McDonnell Douglas would be planning to develop the MD12X, a two-storey plane for 511 passengers.

The battle over heaven is very hard. In the 90's, Airbus competition, Boeing North America, began to think about its future products. It considered improving the speed of the aircraft with the Sonic Cruiser, but the operating costs made it ignore the project. With the change of the pattern, after the attacks on September 11, 2001 and the success of the B777, a great ability and nail nail engine, a North America maker built a 7E7 builder named Dreamliner and ended in the revolutionary. B787

As for large aircraft, Boeing decided to produce the B747-8, which added almost six meters to 747-400 and built-in technology for Dreamliner. At the time, I asked the Boeing officer who visited Buenos Aires why they would build B747 more: Did Boeing respond to the A380 with the project? Although the question was rather rhetorical, the answer made the issue clear: "We do not believe in a plane as big as the A380, we believe that people want to fly from point to point and not to a large airport to transfer and just reach their destination. This is inevitable if you operate a huge plane, and on the other hand, companies intend to sell each seat and be efficient, that is, profitable, but the We are investing in existing recognized aircraft, the B747, and we're not betting more .20 billion dollars in a completely new design ". Few words said a lot.

During the A380 development I was invited by Airbus to visit the factory in Toulouse several times. Although large aircraft parts were manufactured in different plants, I could follow the project's progress in practice where and where. From a technological perspective, he was learning amazing.

Finally, I flew on the A380 when I visited Buenos Aires, in 2007, and I can only say it's a wonderful experience. Anyway, Even then it was seen that the sale did not reach the expected number, but what do I do when it seems late to give it up and it's dangerous to continue?

Finally, the plane that today adds 234 units is provided, a very far number of the expected minimum of 700. Airbus took the best to manufacture, although it will have to support the program to support the plane that will continue to fly around the world for a long time. This decision is my personal excitement, but the market is always one that decides.

The author has a degree in Political Science, a Master of Economics and Political Science and a professional pilot. Director of the magazine and portal "Aeromarket".

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